Do Yourself a Solid With Book Yourself Solid Coach Training

What is Book Yourself Solid Coach Training? Is it something that is worth a look? If you are an experienced coach or an individual seeking to enter the coaching profession, Book Yourself Solid coaching training is something you should consider.

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What is Book Yourself Solid Coach Training?

The Book Yourself Coaching Solid Coach Training program was created in 2011 by Michael Port, a New York Times best-selling author of four books. Port authored Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, the Contrarian Effect, and the Think Big Manifesto. He has also had a small measure of success as a television actor.

The Book Yourself program was created with the mission to offer training, support, licensing, and certification to business coaches, marketing coaches, and others entering the coaching field. The Book Yourself coach training philosophy aims to guide business owners to fall in love with marketing – that’s right, fall in love with something most business owners hate to do!

Why Book Yourself Solid?

It’s a great time to start a business; the economy continues to rebound and more people are seeking ways to earn an income that falls outside the traditional box. Though business creation certainly declined during and immediately after the recession that started in 2008, the trend seems to be upward in the past few years.

With more and more businesses being created, and more new entrepreneurs, there will be more people out there who need to fall in love with marketing, but who hate the task! This is why the demand for marketing coaches will probably rise exponentially in the coming years. These new entrepreneurs will need guidance, support, and plenty of help in marketing and selling their business and services to their target markets.

Do Yourself a Solid With Book Yourself Solid

Book Yourself Solid Coach Training can help you get your business or marketing coaching to a new level so you can help more business owners get their business to a new level of success. Things you’ll learn through the program:

  • How to build a firm foundation for your coaching practice
  • How to design the ideal coaching business model
  • 4 fundamental building blocks to a successful coaching practice
  • The biggest difference between successful and struggling coaches
  • 5 steps to building your coaching credibility
  • Branding and positioning yourself as an authority

How Book Yourself Coach Training Works

In the program you’ll spend six months of intensive training while also working on building your coaching business with Michael for one year. You’ll work on the phone with Michael once or twice per week for the first year, and then once per month for the rest of your career. This ongoing support is one of the keys to success with the Book Yourself program.

To get your certification, you’ll go through:

  • Self study in a proprietary learning environment
  • One-on-one testing
  • Online assessment
  • Personal support from a Book Solid coach
  • 4 three-day workshops that take place across the country
  • Once you complete the program, you’ll be able to call yourself a Book Solid Coach and use the name, the brand, and the system in your practice. You’ll also get plenty of ongoing support. There are myriad other opportunities and perks when you become a Book Solid coach. You’ll definitely do yourself a solid when you enroll in the Book Yourself Coach Training program!

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  1. Brent says

    Book Yourself Solid as explained refers to a coach training given by Michael Port and does look like it would help to bring success to many coaches. Thumbs UP!

  2. Tony Maslo says

    Considering the present economic scenario in the U.S., the need for coaching in Marketing increases as new products are developed. This Book Solid Coach Training will definitely spell success for those who apply the system in the present U.S. market.

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