My Ideal Career Coach College

If I wanted to start my own career coach college, what would be the curriculum? What classes would I teach? What would I charge? Why would I start a career coach college?

Coach Training
Coach Training

The Coaching Industry is Booming

The coaching industry has been growing for several years, and there is no slowdown in sight. Why this boom in the coaching industry?

The traditional working world is disappearing. Job security hardly exists, many positions are being phased out by automation, and the world is getting flatter (more globalization). Individuals need coaching, and especially career coaching, to help them find the ideal career in a rapidly changing world.

People are also seeking more balance in life. Yes, they still want to be successful in life, make good money, and work hard. However, they also want to spend time with their families, enjoy leisure activities, and keep mentally healthy and free of too much stress.

Coaching has become a supplement to traditional education. Coaches can help their clients learn some of the most critical skills for job success and contentment. Coaches are in demand, and career coaches are one of the most in demand segments of the coaching industry.

Becoming a Career Coach Takes Training

To become a career coach you need to be trained. You probably won’t get the training in college, so you must take a coaching program to help you learn the skills, theories, and tools needed to be a successful coach.

There are many coaching programs to select from, but how do you choose? To help you figure out how to choose a coaching program, I’ll tell you what my career coaching college would have, and how it would be set up.

My Career Coach College

Here are the details for my career coach college. If you are looking to sign up for a career coaching program, here’s a few of the things you should consider before you sign on the dotted line.

  1. Accreditation. You need to be accredited by a governing body such as the International Coach Federation (ICF). This may take a little time, but working towards accreditation will be one of my principle goals.
  2. Design a program that has both online and in-person classes, Having online classes is the most important, but having both will help my program appeal to more people.
  3. Create a program that is flexible so students can work it around their own schedules. This means I will have my lectures and classes all archived for use at any time.
  4. My career coach college will have a broad range of classes, covering many topics with the coaching industry. The latest theories will be taught, and classes will incorporate psychology, behavioral science, and many other closely related subjects.
  5. My coaching program will also include classes on how to run a business. Many coaches enter the profession without sharpened business skills. If you plan to be an entrepreneur, you need business skills!
  6. In addition to business skills, coaches need marketing skills. Yes, you can outsourced your marketing to professionals, but you still have to understand how it works, how to assess whether it is working, and how to be flexible and adaptable.
  7. Lastly, my career coach college would focus on the student. I would offer mentor coaching, exceptional customer service, and ask for honest feedback so I can improve my program. I would strive to offer exceptional value and carefully consider every aspect of my coaching college.

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  1. Zai says

    The seven prerequisites for an ideal career coach college will guarantee the student a really good career in coaching. If I were considering this as a career I would not hesitate to join the author’s school.

  2. Zyrene Cruz says

    Technology has pushed the world into one that is “instant” – information, communication, food,etc.and has changed the industries, work, needs, etc. and because of this, the coaching career has boomed. It is necessary, therefore that people who will turn to this career be educated and prepared.

  3. Joseph says

    Its true you need all this but you also have to consider if college students will be interested in this kind of course. You’ll need a marketing strategy before implementing such a course.

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