Why Take Certified Holistic Health Coach Training

What is certified holistic health coach training and why you should consider taking it? Is it something that fits your lifestyle and passions? Is it something with potential for a dynamic and rewarding career?

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The answer to those questions is: you’ll find out by reading this, maybe (depends on who you are); maybe (depends on who you are), and definitely YES.

What is Holistic Health Coaching

Modern medicine usually targets symptoms or the direct cause of an issue, but holistic medicine takes a more macro view of health. Aristotle, in Metaphysics said “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.” This is the basic philosophy which holistic health follows. Holistic health coaching is concerned with an entire system instead of the analysis, diagnosis, and treatment of individual components of a system or person. With certified holistic health coach training, you receive the knowledge and skills to help individuals work to improve their entire being.

Why Certified Holistic Health Coach Training

The holistic health industry is growing, both nationally and internationally. The target market is growing as more and more people look to natural methods to cure both acute and chronic conditions. Modern medicine has done wonders for the world, but it is not a panacea for every health issue, and it can sometimes be costly, replete with dangerous side effects, and lacking efficacy on many chronic conditions.

Holistic health attempts to find the source of an issue, not just eliminate the symptoms or conditions. Certified holistic health coaching training will help you learn the big picture when it comes to health. It will help you learn how to integrate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual.

Holistic Health Coaching

Th issues that a certified holistic health coach can help are far too numerous to list in a brief article. Training provides coaches with the knowledge and skills to help with diet and nutrition, exercise, poor lifestyle choices, stress, relationships, spirituality, and self-esteem. Many of the medical issues that plaque our society can also be helped, from high blood pressure to diabetes to obesity to heart disease risks.

It is important to remember that as a holistic health coach you won’t be operating in a vacuum. People who have serious chronic conditions may also need medications and the care of a physician. One of the goals of holistic health coaching is to help people get free of medications so they can live a healthier life, but the elimination of medications should be done gradually as the individual begins to address the whole person issues that have caused their issues.

Become a Holistic Health Coach and Save the World

Ok…you won’t solve all the world’s problems when you become a holistic health coach. Your certified holistic health coach training won’t help you stop the wars, feed the hungry, dispose dictators, and fix social and political problems around the world. However, it can give you the power to educate people on healthy lifestyles, empower individuals to solve emotional and mental problems, and guide people toward health, happiness, and contentment. Yes, you’ll be saving the world…one whole being at a time!

Give this strategy a try and see for yourself that it works. If you liked this coaching tip, leave a comment or use the handy bookmark buttons below to share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Thanks!

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  1. Drew Cuayongcang says

    I do really and truly believe that being a certified holistic health coach is a calling. Two thumbs up!

  2. Andrew Fravis says

    With the current trends today that give vent to poor health and lifestyles – people need not only doctors who target the elimination of the symptoms of the disese but health practitioners who can help them with their total physical,emotional, and spiritual well being. This is a commitment with mind,heart, and soul!Yes Yes Yes!!

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