A Coaching Strategy For Achieving Excellence Effortlessly

Finding a coaching strategy to empower people to achieve excellence is a lofty enough goal. But what would it be like if you could find a strategy that would allow your coaching clients to achieve excellence effortlessly? That is the magic bullet that everyone wants these days.

The Problem Lies Within The Solution

Everyone wants more of something. More love, more results, more money. Most of the time what people want is really what they think achieving that goal will bring them. Unfortunately, by the time they achieve that goal there is another goal that is just out of reach, or they don’t find what they were looking for in the achievement of their goal. Eventually a sense of discouragement sets in and people give up.

A Coaching Strategy That Is Priceless

What would happen if you radically altered your coaching strategy, so that your clients felt fulfilled in their current lifestyle? Would they become slothful and lazy? Or would they be even more motivated to make a contribution to the world from a deep sense of gratitude? Without stress in life, would people fail to grow?

If you could help your clients create a deep sense of being present in the moment and completely focused on whatever they were doing, they would indeed have an excellent life. Imagine that your client is at work and creating a presentation; working completely focused on the task rather than worrying about something else or wishing he was somewhere else? What if your client was able to joyously spend time with his children rather than worrying about finances or projects at work? Although this coaching strategy is simple, it is not easy for people to maintain this type of focus without coaching. By being a stand for your clients to live a life of excellence, you have the opportunity to really become a hero.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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