Coaching Strategy: Life Coaching Lessons From Sailing

Coaching strategy is more like sailing strategy than an originally thought.  Sailing is all about dealing with circumstances, and in coaching we’re supposed to rise about our circumstances.  In sailing you have to deal with the wind, waves, and weather; all of which are completely out of your control.  So how do you navigate? Decide Where You Want to Go Before You Set Sail It’s amazing how few people really know where they’re going.  In fact nine times out of ten people aren’t clear about what … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips For More Time: A Strategy That Gets Results

There are so many coaching tips about time management that one could spend the rest of their life getting a system down.  But instead of time management coaching tips, what if you found a coaching strategy that made it simple?  The best coaching strategy is to understand there are two types of people: those who get things done, and those who don’t have time. How Can You Find a Coaching Strategy That Helps You Become a Person That Gets Things Done? In order to understand the coaching strategy … [Read more...]

Anti-Procrastination Coaching Tips: Coaching Strategy to Get Your Clients to Move Forward

on procrastination are a dime a dozen, but this coaching strategy is the most powerful I’ve seen. There are a lot of reasons why people procrastinate; most are because people are getting their needs met at some level by staying where they are. For many, fear is on the other side of procrastination. Coaching tips to get them past their fear are often helpful. Helping clients to see that moving forward is the only way to get their needs met at a higher level is another great coaching strategy. The … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips to Increase Productivity: A Coaching Strategy to Conquer the Biggest Productivity Drain of All

Of all the coaching tips I’ve heard lately, this one tops them all. The reason is that the biggest productivity drain is email. It can keep you busy for hours, and at the end of that time you are no closer to your goals. What’s the coaching strategy to master this monster? It’s about realizing that most of us are addicted to email. These coaching tips will help you control the urge to check your email and help you spend the time you need to on what matters most. Thomas Edison said, "Your success … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips to Get Past Burnout: Proven Coaching Strategy to Get People Back into the Game

are a dime a dozen these days, but you need to know when to use them. There are many causes for burnout and there is a different coaching strategy for each. Even as coaches we can face this obstacle to success, and knowing how to help ourselves and others is too important to use generic coaching tips in hopes that they will work. If you’re looking for a coaching strategy to get around this dilemma, here are three that will get you and your clients back on track. Good Coaching Strategy Involves … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips To Get Your Clients to Do What They Don’t Want to Do: Accountability Coaching Strategy

Are You Curious What Coaching Strategy Works Best When You Need to Hold Your Client Accountable? Accountability coaching strategy is more than just yelling at someone when they don’t follow through with a commitment they made with you.  They can do that themselves.  What if you had some coaching tips that would allow you to powerfully and eloquently hold your clients accountable?  What type of results would you get?  How much more would you and your clients enjoy the coaching process?  Follow … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips: Coaching Strategy That Will Help 90% of Your Clients

Are there any universal coaching tips? Is there one coaching strategy you can use for just about anyone? If you are asking these questions, you are probably looking for some sense of certainty. Certainty is also related to comfort and safety. And you will naturally attract people who are similar to you in some way; probably because they are looking for certainty as well. And let’s face it; most people don’t feel safe enough to make changes until they at least have some sense of certainty. So a … [Read more...]

Coaching Strategy on Improving Your Communication: Coaching Tips For Leaders

The more you can customize your coaching strategy for individual clients, the more effective you will be. According to the DISC Assessments, a high Dominance score indicates a natural leader. These people are goal and bottom line oriented, and they want to win. If you can develop an effective coaching strategy to coach people with this behavioral style, you can provide value and be financially successful. However, without some great coaching tips, you are likely to get chewed up and spit … [Read more...]

Coaching Strategy to Take the ‘F’ Out of Fright: Coaching Tips to Help Your Clients Get Past Their Fears

The question of the week seems to be, “What’s a good coaching strategy to help clients overcome fear?” “What are some good coaching tips to get people past their fears?” Fear is just your imagination. Remember when you were a kid, and your mom would say, “Oh, there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just your imagination running wild.” I would still look under the bed. And just like children have nightmares, as adults we still have fears. We usually call it ‘stress.’ There’s more than one coaching … [Read more...]