Easy Time Saving Career Coaching Skills For Supervisors

In this article, I’ll share with you 4 career coaching skills for supervisors that I’m using right now to help career coaching supervisors create more rapport and trust with their employees and iron out group communication challenges across their teams. In the project management literature, you’ll find that teams go through several phases of growth and development before team members arrive at optimum performance. It’s important to truly have the wisdom and knowledge as a coaching supervisor … [Read more...]

Three Secrets of Successful Career Coaching

Career coaching is not about coaching people to do their best in the wrong job. It is about learning from the past and from assessments to determine the right position in the future for each individual candidate. Then it is about coaching that person to get out of their own way, so they can just be themselves and naturally achieve great results in their ideal position. Don’t Fall for “Dating Behavior” Interviewing is the typical way of selecting employees. But don’t be fooled. Interviewing is … [Read more...]

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Keep Your Best People by Being Their Career Coach

Being your employees’ career coach means working to identify opportunities for them, and helping them move on to take advantage of those opportunities. So how does that help you keep your people? Well this is how it works. Create BIG Goals and Demand Hard Work First, as their career coach, you really need to get to know your people. You need to know their strengths, weaknesses and dreams. I highly recommend using assessments to accomplish this. Then help them formulate BIG goals. The kind of … [Read more...]

Rock Their World; Be a Career Coach

These days when jobs are scarce, it is pretty good to help find someone a job. But as a career coach, you can really get inside their head and help them figure out exactly what sort of job fits their style, and values and talents. When you do that, you set your client up for a lifetime of success, and fulfillment. Step1, Do an Assessment With the proper assessment, you can easily determine your client’s style (both when relaxed and when at work), their values and their talents. With this, you … [Read more...]

Use Assessments to Supercharge Your Career Coaching

Assessments are scientifically validated psychological instruments. When properly administered and interpreted, assessments can give tremendous insights that you can use to supercharge your career coaching. Assessments, along with a comprehensive analysis of a client’s work history, give the coach what they need to make the perfect match. If Career Coaches Are Matchmakers, What Do They Match? Matches are made based on “style”—how we do what we do, “values” – why we do what we do, and … [Read more...]

Career Coaching: Perhaps Your Most Critical Role

Whether career coaching is your main focus or just an incidental element of your practice, today it may be your area of greatest contribution. Here’s why. Unemployment Is on Everybody’s Mind No one – yes, no one – has a problem sacrificing for the greater good. And no one – yes, no one –feels good about being sacrificed by those “fat cats” who in the final scene escape to somewhere that the normal man cannot imagine, like Aruba. So faced with this scene of absolute betrayal, what do millions … [Read more...]

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What Is Career Coaching All About?

If you haven't decided on a niche for your coaching yet, you may be asking “What is career coaching and what particular skills does it require?” Well, there are two different types of coaching that both deal with careers and career changes. Each is quite different from the other, and both provide a valuable service to clients who are looking for a new career or a change in direction in their current career. Career Coaching To Find A New Direction When potential clients ask you “What is career … [Read more...]

Career Coaching Offers Great Opportunities in Today’s Economy

Career Coaching can help to defuse the “turnover time bomb” that exists in many companies today. According to the May 2010 issue of the Harvard Business Review, 25% of top employees intend to change companies as the economy improves. This turnover will cost companies millions of dollars in hard cash. Reducing turnover through effective coaching can mean great opportunities for coaches working in this area. How Career Coaching Can Reduce Turnover Employees, who are being career coached, have … [Read more...]

Career Coaching: 5 Keys To Entrepreneurial Success

Although career coaching is its own specialty, some elements are critical for most life coaches to be familiar with. Whether you are coaching someone who is out of work, someone who is worrying about getting laid off, or someone who is just tired of the grind of working for someone else, you are very likely to need some career coaching skills. And one of the most basic and important aspects is the ability to clarify with your client whether he already has the mindset of an entrepreneur. The 5 … [Read more...]

Is Lust An Issue In Career Coaching? An Actor’s Story

Career coaching is the perfect window from which to view the fifth deadly sin in our series, lust. Not to be boring, but let's take the sexual connotation out and give lust it's second definition--an overwhelming desire or craving, or an intense eagerness or enthusiasm. In other words, a passion. Recently, I had the opportunity to do some career coaching with a passionate but frustrated young actor, and to help her see the some of the pluses and minuses of her passion for her career. The … [Read more...]