Three Secrets of Successful Career Coaching

Career coaching is not about coaching people to do their best in the wrong job. It is about learning from the past and from assessments to determine the right position in the future for each individual candidate. Then it is about coaching that person to get out of their own way, so they can just be themselves and naturally achieve great results in their ideal position.

Don’t Fall for “Dating Behavior”

Interviewing is the typical way of selecting employees. But don’t be fooled. Interviewing is “dating behavior” at its worst. Too often candidates go into dating mode, trying hard to be attractive rather than critically evaluating if this is the best position for them. On the employer’s side, the interviewer naturally is attracted to the people that they like – that is, people most like themselves. Also keep in mind that since the interviewee is trying to look their very best, the interviewee will never look as good as they do at the interview!

Learn from the Past or Repeat Its Mistakes

In determining the ideal position for a candidate, learn from the past. Do a detailed interview asking them to go through each job that they have had. Ask the responsibilities, what skills they used, what skills they learned, what they liked and disliked, how long they stayed and why they left the position. Look for patterns and draw conclusions as a basis for your career coaching.

Use Assessments for Profound Insights in Career Coaching

Combine assessment results with employee interview results for the best career coaching. Beyond personal style, often presented as their D-I-S-C scores, the candidate’s values also need to be included. This combination greatly increases the value of the assessment and assures that career moves will truly fit the candidate.

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Dave Iuppa
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