Career Coaching: Perhaps Your Most Critical Role

Whether career coaching is your main focus or just an incidental element of your practice, today it may be your area of greatest contribution. Here’s why.

Unemployment Is on Everybody’s Mind

No one – yes, no one – has a problem sacrificing for the greater good. And no one – yes, no one –feels good about being sacrificed by those “fat cats” who in the final scene escape to somewhere that the normal man cannot imagine, like Aruba. So faced with this scene of absolute betrayal, what do millions and millions of Americans feel? And what do you and all the coaches in America have to offer? Well, that is the question that each of us must answer.

Career Coaching Means Helping People Reestablish Their Sense of Dignity

It is clearly unfair that this has fallen to us. Yet in Career Coaching, who is in a better position to respond. Each of us must open our hearts and try to understand the pain and terror felt by those who are experiencing the brunt of this situation. As coaches, our highest calling must be to help those people to reestablish their sense of self-worth and self-reliance.

For Those with a Job Watching this Betrayal, What Can They Count On?

In Career Coaching, we have two roles. First, we must encourage and assist those who have lost their jobs. Second, we must assist and guide those with jobs to determine their next steps. We can use assessments to determine peoples’ styles and values. We can listen and we can care.

We can care. We can help. And we can be coaches.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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