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How to Become The Master Coach, and Make $5,000.00-$10,000.00 per month doing it... The next two Thursdays I’m faciliating special workshops to teach you the most important things to know about becoming a master coach and building your coaching empire.  I’ll answer your questions and share some more techniques for building a successful coaching business with high caliber coaching and tons of cash clients. …Even if You're Confused About Where to Start, Don't Have The Time to Start, or … [Read more...]

What Most Coach Training Programs Won’t Offer: The Secret Element You Must Have When Becoming a Life Coach

Why is environment so important in a coach training and becoming a life coach? According to recent studies 50% of your success will be determined by your environment and 40% by your mindset or attitude. So it seems obvious that when looking for a coach training program, you would want to be around positive people and an environment is supportive to your goals. But what about the skills you need to get from a coach training? How important are those in becoming a life coach? The Big Coach … [Read more...]

Options for Life Coaching Education from Becoming a Certified Life Coach to Earning a Life Coaching Degree

Life Coaching Degree Various colleges are now providing a life coaching degree.  Here are a few of them: . Howard Community College offers a Professional Coaching program.  This isn't a life coaching degree in and of itself, but it's a 'college' course, which helps with some of the credibility. Massachusetts School Of Professional Psychology offers the "GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN EXECUTIVE COACHING PROGRAM (GCEC)".  This is as close to a life coaching degree as you'll get … [Read more...]

What Education is Required to Become a Coach? Life Coaching Education from Life Coaching Degree to Becoming a Certified Life Coach

Life coaching education is a wide subject, and it's very important to life coaches to learn what they need to know to become a life coach.  Where do you start?  Do you go to college and get a life coaching degree, or do you simply take a coaching course and become a certified life coach?  Whichever way you go, you must consider 3 things. . The 3 Things to Consider in Your Journey to Becoming a Certified Life Coach (at Least in Spirit) 1.  Your Goal: . Do you want to moonlight as a coach … [Read more...]

Coach Training: How to Become a Life Coach? Start by Believing You Can

How to Become a Life Coach in a Nutshell If you search the web, you will find hundreds of coach training sites telling you how to become a life coach. Recently I came upon a story that seemed to really make it clear how to become a life coach. A young college student fell asleep during his math class. The bell rang, startling him out of a deep sleep. He quickly looked at the board, and copied down the two math problems. He assumed that they were the homework problems. He went back to his dorm … [Read more...]

Leadership Training and Coaching: How to Become a Coach Who Chooses Your Results

Wherever you are in the process of leadership training and coaching, ask yourself these questions. What types of results could you get if you had complete mastery over your emotions? What would you attempt? Who would you become? What would your life look like? Do you know how to become a coach who chooses your results and helps others do the same? Think back on your career in leadership training and coaching. Have you ever had an “impossible” goal and after an amazing breakthrough you … [Read more...]

How to Become a Motivational Coach Who Gets Great Results: Coaching Training Exercise Most People Know About, But Won’t Do for Themselves

  The secret to how to become a motivational coach who gets great results is really no secret. In fact 9 out of 10 coaches know this, teach this, but don’t practice it themselves. And just like most other types of exercise, this coaching training exercise will only work if you make it part of your lifestyle. There is no fast and easy way to health and fitness, and there is no fast and easy way to peak performance and learning how to become a motivational coach. What is at the root of your … [Read more...]

Become a Business Coach, Walk Your Talk: Life Coaching Education to Implant Into Your Own Life

I’m looking outside the window of my office, watching a hot air balloon fly across the sky, and seeing a metaphor for some great life coaching education. Especially for people who want to become a business coach. If you can’t see the similarities of how to become a business coach and how to get a huge balloon to fly, then follow closely. Have you ever watched a team launch a hot air balloon? First the balloon has to be unfolded flat on the ground, and then filled. It takes a lot of energy and … [Read more...]

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Life Coach With Your Own Practice? Or Should You Start Looking for Coaching Jobs Working for Others?

It sounds great to become a life coach and work from home, the beach, and make your own schedule.  And coaching jobs?  Working for only a small part of what your client pays?  Who needs that?  But before you quit your job, consider the following: Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? You can’t just decide to become a life coach and start making lots of money right away. You might need to start by working harder than you ever have for anyone else, for little or no pay. You will have … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Education From the Future: Become a Cyber-Coach With Online Coaching Certification

I have to admit that after all the life coaching education I've received, I'm finally becoming a bit of a cyber coach.  I'm, for the first time in my life, seriously looking into online coaching.  Certification in the world of life coaching education has always been high quality, but very seldom do you hear about educating coaches to do a ton of business on the Internet.  I never thought I'd do it because I'm really so much into the whole 'organic' idea of coaching.  My life coaching education … [Read more...]