Breaking the Sense of Isolation for the New Coach

Coaches are often “solopreneurs” so it is easy for them to feel isolated and alone. This is doubly true for the new coach, since they often face isolation combined with moments of self doubt. Here are three steps to build confidence and create a breakthrough that will pay them dividends throughout their entire career.

Staying Connected Is Key to Eliminating Isolation

Pretty simple, but as we get busy, it is easy to not take the time needed to stay connected. For this reason the new coach must make an extra effort to communicate regularly with friends. Classmates from their coaches training are particularly important. They understand. And this is not just a matter of being social; it can be a matter of survival.

Coaching Is Good for the Client and Critical for the Coach

Every coach, especially new ones, should have at least one coach. A strategy coach to help them set their goals and work through blockages, and possibly an accountability coach to hold them to the task and see that they make the progress that they need to make to gain momentum and achieve their long term goals as a successful coach. Oh and by the way, coaches should pay for this coaching. Otherwise, they will feel – and be – hypocrites. If they don’t value coaching in dollars and cents, then neither will their clients.

The New Coach Must Develop and Follow a Success Ritual – Religiously

Our mental state is formed by a triad of belief, voice quality and tempo, and physiology. It may seem hard to believe but studies have shown that as much as 80% of our mental state is determined by our physiology. Physiology includes such elements as breathing, movement and gestures, posture and facial expression. Clearly, up to 80% of our mental state is within the control of our conscious mind. So the new coach can maintain a positive state of mind by following their 10 to 15 minute success ritual every morning and evening, and their 5 to 10 minute success ritual before beginning coaching.

Combining networking, coaching and a vigorous success ritual, will help ensure that the new coach escapes the trap of isolation, and succeeds in having a long and successful career.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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