Using Your New Coach Skills On Friends And Family Safely

Why not practice your new coach skills on friends and family? Sure, some people say they know you too well, they’ve changed your diapers, and you’re still just a kid to some of them. I’m not saying coaching everyone in your family would be a fit or that they will pay you; but in some cases you can do a lot of good.

New Coach Guidelines For Friends and Family

While your mother-in-law might not want your coaching, there will be some people who are at least open to it. When I was a new coach I did a free session with my husband. I sat down with him and went over his goals, helping him get very clear on why they were important to achieve and what negative consequences were likely to happen if he didn’t achieve them. I was able to help him find some of the blind spots that were holding him back and develop some strategies to help him move forward. It was great for both of us. He felt listened to like never before and I got some valuable feedback. Over the years he continues to seek out council from me and I can see growth.

I also coached my cousin, who was reluctant at first. She eventually took a set of assessments and I was able to help her understand them. When she got laid off from her dream job, I used the assessments to help her see that she was a perfect match for the new job she was offered. She was really uncomfortable stepping into a completely new field, but I was able to objectively show that she did have what it would take to be successful.

The Pitfalls New Coaches Face

The reason why many people say a new coach shouldn’t coach friends and families is because they feel that new coaches don’t have the maturity to separate themselves emotionally when coaching loved ones. It can be a challenge, but a pothole in the road is only annoying if you don’t see it.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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