The New Coach: Coaching Hobby or Profession

For the purposes of this post, the difference between a profession and a hobby for the new coach is whether or not the coach is making a reasonable income for their efforts. If they are not, the coach either needs to make some changes – fast – or they need to accept that they have only found a very interesting hobby. Here are three things to do to move their coaching from a hobby to a profession.

First, the New Coach Must See Themself as a Professional Coach

Until the new coach actually internalizes their new role, they will not be a professional coach. To help this transition, the coach should develop a success ritual. This will not only include affirmations and visualization, but it will also include physical activities that get the heart really pumping. The reason for this is that almost 80% of our state of mind is determined by our physiology. The success ritual must become part of the coach’s daily routine. The coach must do it at the beginning, the middle and at the end of each day. An abbreviated version should also be performed before each coaching session.

Second, They Must Tell Everyone that They Are a Professional Coach

At first the new coach will feel shy about proclaiming their new role. But by doing so with family, acquaintances and perfect strangers, the coach will make a real commitment to their coaching. Also when others start to treat them as a professional coach, it will greatly increase their self image.

Finally, the New Coach Must Begin to Coach!

An excellent way for the new coach to kick off their coaching career is to give free coaching sessions. These sessions focus on establishing a relationship with the client, helping the client clarify their goals and finally establishing the value of coaching to the prospective client. They give the coach the opportunity to present a powerful value proposition to the prospect. Since they are free sessions, the coach often feels less fear of beginning coaching, and the prospect feels more willing to give coaching a try. The result is a significant boost in the self confidence of the new coach, and more clients willing to pay for coaching – and helping turn their coaching from a hobby into a real profession.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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