How to Become a Motivational Coach Using 5 Advanced ‘Burnout Blaster’ Techniques

How To Provide Massive Coaching Value By Turning Your ‘Lost Soul’ Clients Into ‘Superstars’ By Using 5 Advanced ‘Burnout Blaster’ Techniques That Will Create A Shocking Recovery For Even Your ‘Worst’ Clients —  All In One Coaching Session

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I got an comment on our coaches training video blog the other day from a coach asking me, “Jeff, I want to see some actual client cases and have you go through how you coach YOUR clients to such great results.”

After thinking hard about that advice, I realized that this is exactly how I learned to coach…

…by watching the best of the best coaches provide massive value to their clients.

That’s how I went from an empty coaching calendar, and wondering “Can I really coach?”…

…to a full calendar, finally proving to myself that I was a great coach.

And that’s how you’ll become a master coach and make a huge difference to mankind.

If you learn some of the advanced coaching techniques in this video and put them to use, you WILL get emails and phone calls from clients thanking you publicly for the difference you’re making in their lives, and you’ll feel a HUGE sense of pride, contribution, and fulfillment…

…not to mention gaining confidence in your coaching abilities.  Knowing that you will NEVER have to worry about getting paid a lot for coaching and then not deliver.

Burnout is a problem that many of your clients will have, and it is a big problem for them.

Burnout can keep your clients from:

  • Money
  • Freedom
  • Success

In this short video you’ll learn How to help your Clients To…

  • double their productivity.
  • overcome Fear and Procrastination without using willpower.
  • blast through burnout using the three sections of their minds “control room”

Most clients know what to do.

So if they have the capability to achieve more… then why aren’t they doing very well?

Because the of ‘x’ factor.

Most achievers hold themselves back because of this ‘x’ factor and you’ll learn about how to help these achievers get their ‘mojo’ back in this video.

The cool thing is that when you help an achiever master the ‘x’ factor, they go from a slump to ‘top of the world’ in a matter of months or even weeks.

…and it’s all because of YOU, their coach.

Then come the massive referrals.

How will using this technique get you massive referrals?

Your client is a ‘walking billboard’ for you.

Especially the achievers…

Everybody pays attention to how they are doing, so when they rise to a new level, EVERYBODY NOTICES.

They suddenly want to know what your client is ‘on’.  That’s when your client will tell them about YOU.

That’s how 1 client can turn into 3, and then 6, etc.


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