16 Rapport Building Tools for Coaches

How do you get a complete stranger to confide in you during a discovery session? One of my first discovery sessions was with an older man in failing health. We didn’t have much in common. But I still managed to create massive rapport with him… ...which was essential to engage him in deep coaching. He shared his dreams and his challenges… ...his deepest fears of inadequacy… ...and by the end of the call, he was sobbing. The rapport we developed was essential for that … [Read more...]

10 Life Coaching Tools to Gain and Retain Clients

All life coaches should have a toolbox filled with life coaching tools. These tools are gained through training, experience, and the pursuit of knowledge. These tools are learned from other coaches, classes, seminars, books, DVDs, online content, and previous successes and failures. Though the toolbox is filled with many different kinds of tools that perform different tasks, each toolbox must have tools that work to gain and retain clients. The following life coaching tools should be … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Tools: 12 Life Assessment Areas

In your coaching practice, having a variety of effective life coaching tools at your fingertips can help you determine potential strengths, weakness, and vulnerabilities of your clients. These tools can be used as a starting point when working with a new client and as a way to initiate communication. One of the best life coaching tools to use is a listing of the various areas of a client’s life that can be assessed, analyzed, evaluated, and ameliorated. Each area can be rated and then the … [Read more...]