The Personal Coach vs The Mentor: How do They Differ?

The Personal Coach vs The Mentor: How do They Differ?

Is there a difference between the personal coach and the mentor? Indeed! There are noticeable differences between the two roles. Coaching and mentoring are often used interchangeably because both professionals help clients reach desired personal and professional goals. However, the definition, role, approach, and tools of each are utterly different. What Does The Personal Coach do? The personal coach, also often referred to as a life coach is an individual who works with clients to assist … [Read more...]

Quantum Life Coaching Certification Quantum Coaching Essentials Program

Quantum Life Coaching Certification: Quantum Coaching Essentials Program

A quantum life coaching certification will provide the coach with the tools and insights needed to help the client towards total healing and manifestation of a joyful life. Certified quantum life coaches work with clients who are seeking a transformation in every area of their lives, i.e. health, career, relationships, spirituality, etc. They assist their clients to: Explore potentials. Define talents and skills. Identify their desired goals. Break free from fears and beliefs … [Read more...]

What do Life Coaches do For Youths Aging Out of The Foster Care System?

What do Life Coaches do For Youths Aging Out of The Foster Care System?

Before becoming a life coach, I constantly wondered "what do life coaches do in people's lives?" After weeks of research, I realized the life coaching profession was in line with my passion for helping people especially women and children. So when I finally became a coach, I knew the tools, and strategies learned during my training can be used to help my young clients (pre-teens and youths about to age out of foster care). Regrettably, there is a sizable population of children in the … [Read more...]

Top Executive Coaching Firms: Two Coaching Industry Leaders

Top Executive Coaching Firms: Two Coaching Industry Leaders

Several reputable firms around the world today specialize in executive coaching; however, in this article, I will highlight two top executive coaching firms making strides in the industry. Many executive coaches typically design their services for CEOs' and business leaders seeking to achieve more significant levels of success in their organizations. What is Executive Coaching? Executive Coaching is a practice that involves a mutually designed relationship between high-powered executives … [Read more...]

My Fitness Coach Yoga The Ideal Workout Program

My Fitness Coach Yoga: The Ideal Workout Program

My fitness coach yoga workout is an inexpensive customized training program that incorporates yoga sessions into a person's fitness training. It is the ideal workout program that may prove suitable for your coaching clients. In this age of technology, fitness programs have become a standard way of life for most people who desire healthy lifestyles, and so there are a variety of virtual applications out there to take a person's exercise regimen to another level without having to go to a gym or … [Read more...]

NPR Money Coach Alvin Hall

NPR Money Coach: Alvin Hall

NPR money coach, Alvin Hall is a finance expert and prominent educator who regularly provides financial tips on National Public Radio (NPR). The national public radio is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization based in Washington, D.C. Who is NPR Money Coach, Alvin Hall? Alvin Hall is an internationally renowned financial educator, television, radio broadcaster, bestselling author, and active contributor to magazines, and websites. In the United … [Read more...]

Finding The Best Career Coach Certification Programs

Finding The Best Career Coach Certification Programs

Finding the best career coach certification programs can be quite a complex task since coaching is, nonetheless, an unregulated field. As a brand-new coach or even experienced coach seeking certification, it is vital that you chose a recognized training program that offers certification. Why Consider Career Coaching? Considering career coaching as a niche to explore is very lucrative, and a sound decision if you are passionate about helping your clients map career paths and achieve their … [Read more...]

Business and Life Coaching

The Future of Business and Life Coaching in Abuja, Nigeria

Business and Life Coaching are two incredibly rewarding careers for passionate individuals interested in helping others achieve their desired goals. Coaching is a relatively modern field that has been making significant differences in the lives of people for the last four decades. What do coaches do? They are professionals that align (partner) with their clients to help them achieve more remarkable clarity on goals, strategies, plans, and actions. Abuja, Where is it? Abuja is the capital … [Read more...]

Vibrant Life Health Coaching

Why Choose Vibrant Life Health Coaching as a Niche?

Vibrant Life Health Coaching is one of many life coaching niches that exist today. Because the coaching profession is relatively new, it could be utterly unclear to people the differences between the various niches (specialties) of coaching. If you are someone who expresses a passionate desire for helping people discover their purpose in life and equip them with the tools, they need to nourish their whole person, then a career in vibrant life health coaching might be the perfect niche for … [Read more...]

Success Coaching Training

Does Success Coaching Training Make You a Better Coach?

Does Success coaching training make you a better coach? Yes, I believe it does. Success coaching has been used in various sectors notable academia for several years. Coaches, business leaders, and instructors have used this coaching model to help build resilience in their clients, employees, and students. I have personally benefited from success coaching while working in corporate America in the early to the mid-2000s'. It helped me advance in my career, building confidence and empowering me to … [Read more...]