The Accredited Life Coach Certification Program: Certified Coaches Alliance

Life coaching is becoming a fast growing profession in the United States and around the world; having an accredited life coach certification is essential in your coaching career. Some organizations or institutions currently certify and approve coach training programs, and one of them is the certified coaches alliances (CCA).

The Accredited Life Coach Certification Program: Certified Coaches Alliance
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About Certified Coaches Alliance

The Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA) was founded in 2004 in Vancouver, Canada, by coaches for coaches. CCA hosts an affiliation of working Coaches from 28 countries. Since early 2004, the organization has been dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest levels of professionalism within the coaching arena. Their coaches encompass the field of coaching including professional and executive coaches, training and coaching service providers. The objectives of the organization are to do the following:

I. Actively advance education and best practice of coaching by building strong bonds with educators who share this common view.

II. Build a growing network of strategic alliances and partnerships to maximize the potential of the Certified Coaches Alliance.

III. Develop and execute initiatives that permit and honor the sharing of concepts and ideas which further the coach’s talents.

CCA’s Accredited Life Coach Certification Program

The accredited life coach certification program at the Certified Coaches Alliance is one of the most respected coach certification organizations in the world. It very closely follows the core coaching competencies as defined by the ICF. The CCA accredits its coach certification programs by following the process below:

A non-refundable fee of $500.00 must be submitted with your completed application for your organization’s training program.

Your submission goes before the accreditation advisory and takes approximately 3-6 weeks to decide.

Upon the completion of the program review, the programs receiving accreditation through the CCA accreditation advisory will receive a specific number of coach training hours as reflected in the training documents.

Should a program fail to satisfy the criteria of standards, changes to meet the guidelines will be provided in writing. Organizations must resubmit the changes for review within 30-days. Further subsequent review submissions will be adjudicated at a filing fee of $200.00.

Three Organizations Accredited by The Certified Coaches Alliance & Programs Offered are:

1. The Coach Training Academy – The Success Coaching program

2. Symbiosis Coaching – Certified Life Coach, Certified Executive Coach programs

3. Express Coaching – Certified Life Coach, Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach programs

According to the International Coach Federation, the need for coaches will increase because of the growing favorable view of coaching among potential clients and information showing there’s a high return on investment to those who use coaching services. Obtaining the right training sets a foundation for a successful coaching career, so aspiring coaches and those already in the field should choose their certification program wisely. Finding an accredited life coach certification training program, like the one offered through the certified coaches alliances is what you need to build a thriving coaching business.

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