Executive Coach Certification Program: The Center For Executive Coaching

Are you considering a career in executive coaching? Obtaining an executive coach certification may very well position you on the fast track to a lucrative career in coaching.

Executive Coach Certification Program: The Center For Executive Coaching
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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is about helping people grow professionally. Coaching clients are often already in leadership positions, with either formal or informal influence over other people and seek guidance to help them make the right decisions. Other clients might seek out an executive coach to get professional feedback or for help with career advancement.

About Center For Executive Coaching

The Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) is a leading coach training & certification organization. It is an International Coach Federation (ICF) approved training program that trains and certifies executive coaches from significant organizations around the world. They provide coach training and certification programs to those interested in pursuing a career in coaching.

CEC’s Executive Coach Certification Program

The CEC offers various paths to receiving a certification in executive coaching
1. Certified Executive Coach Certification: This program is provided through CEC and takes two-four months to complete. It is done via their online option. This option costs $5,000 and there is the option of paying via ten monthly installments. You get certified as an Executive Coach by submitting six recordings of your coaching a colleague, or fellow coach in the program. Each coaching session is usually 25-30 minutes. The participant submits one at a time, and both the coach & coachee review each one together. There are also three one-hour live teleclasses each week; each one is unique and stands on its own. This program can commence at any time.

2. Certified Career Coach and Certified Business Coach: Program is completed by either submitting recordings demonstrating your coaching competency on related coaching topics, or by writing up 5-10 page case studies documenting how you use CECs’ toolkits and methodologies to coach a career coaching or business coaching client to a successful outcome.

3. Specialty/Custom Certifications: You have the option of creating your own specialty or custom coaching certification. This custom certification option can be an integrated or interdisciplinary type of program where you include courses/topics that you are passionate about. Topics that will enable you to serve your clients effectively. Examples of designations conferred are Certified Healthcare Leadership Coach and Certified Non-profit Leadership Coach.

4. International Coach Federation (ICF) Designation: For the Associate Certified Coach (ACC), It requires 60 hours of live coach training and 100 hours of coaching experience, the ICF mentor coaching program. The online or distance learning option is $5,000 for only the ACC hours, and if you also need the required 10 hours of ICF mentor coaching, that is an additional $2,500. You can also pay in monthly installments.

For the Professional Certified Coach (PCC), 125 hours of training, including 100 hours live is required. Of that 100 hours, 10 hours consists of their mentor coaching course. The other 25 hours can be self-study. It adds the mentor coaching and provides to you the easiest path to apply to the ICF for your PCC designation. This path adds $2,500 to your cost, whether you choose the distance learning or in-person seminar. Therefore, your investment for distance learning is $7,350 paid in full or ten monthly installments of $750.

5. Board Certified Coach Certification: This is explicitly for participants with a Masters Degree or higher. This option does not require participants following the regular ICF path for certification. The program takes three-five months for most of its members to complete the BCC requirements.

Executive coaching is in high demand, and the future of coaching is looking bright as the corporate environment gets increasingly competitive. Obtaining a certification from reputable and accredited organizations like the Center for Executive Coaching is crucial to your career as an executive and leadership coach.

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