Marketing for Life Coaches: Marketing Ideas For Building Your Business

Are you ready to build your life coaching business? Then it is important to focus on marketing for life coaches that works. My main reason for becoming a life coach is to help people achieve their desired life goals but at the same time, finding the right marketing strategies to make me successful in my coaching business is equally important.

Marketing for Life Coaches: Marketing Ideas For Building Your Business
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A Business Plan: Your First Step

In any type of business, small or large, advertising your product or service is absolutely crucial to the building and success of your business. It is no different for your life coaching practice. Many coaches start a business without having an appropriate plan in place. Creating a business helps you understand what you are attempting to do and where you are heading. In a business plan, the following essential aspects will be documented:

  • Your Business description (mission, Vision, Goals, product & services offered, etc.).
  • Marketing analysis (Target market, Market trends, benefits to clients).
  • Marketing strategy (Pricing, income sources, advertising & promotion).
  • Staffing (operations, etc.).
  • Financial Projections
  • Funding requirements

Marketing For Life Coaches: Proven Marketing Strategies

Once you have created your business plan, it will now be easier for you to sit down and begin to figure out the most effective way to promote your business; get your name out there to bring in the ideal clients. Many great marketing ideas can help grow your business, but in this article, I have listed below eight strategies that many coaches have testified to that has contributed to their business success.

1. Word of Mouth – Talking to friends, colleagues, neighbors about your life coaching practice will spread the word. Also, let your current clients know you are expanding your practice to help more people and ask them if they know of anyone to whom you could offer a free coaching session.

2. Free Sessions – After talking to personal and professional contacts, plan a 30-minute complimentary session where you have an opportunity to get to know your prospective clients want and need. It also allows them to get to know you, what coaching is all about and how you intend to assist them.

3. Social Media Platform – In this new era of technology, establishing a social media presence is important. There is a strong possibility that you will find some of your ideal clients on places like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You will be able to establish a compelling social media presence designed to build your brand and grow your email list with fresh leads.

4. Choose a niche – Narrow your coaching practice to a specific area. Choose a niche where you already have some expertise in, or you are passionate about and use that to effectively help your clients. For example, a life coach who was a single mom for 15 years has the life experience and skills to effectively coach a single parent struggling to balance work and parenting. Your clients will appreciate your level of knowledge, skills and the passion you have to help transform their lives.

5. Business Cards & Brochures – Locate small businesses in your area that will be able to allow you to display your business cards and brochures. Many businesses like your doctor’s office, dentist, chiropractor, children’s daycare, flower shop, etc. will let you do. It is an effective way to get your name out there.

6. Create a Website – Build your website and ensure it is loaded with valuable information for your coaching clients. Be sure to include all the site’s address on business cards, flyers, etc. On your website, you can have a blog page which is an excellent way to capture the attention of your target audience and connect with potential clients on a personal level.

7. Be a Content Writer – Write articles on life coaching and publish on both free and paid sites to get your name out there and land prospective clients. When your work is published in a magazine, newsletter or blog site, you gain credibility and visibility. Always try having your contact information included in your articles.

Marketing for life coaches involves communication with people at all levels; individuals, groups, etc. Whatever marketing ideas you decide to choose from the above list, make sure you focus on performing them very well. If you find that two or four of them you have chosen works well for you, then keep utilizing them and try some more as you continue to build your business.

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