Million Dollar Coach: Taki Moore, The Coach’s Coach

According to tons of favorable and raving reviews, the Million Dollar Coach is an outstanding and must-have resource for all coaches. Those who have read the book says it delivers highly valued content. The book is aimed at coaches of all niches who would like to see their coaching practice achieve immense success.

Million Dollar Coach: Taki Moore, The Coach's Coach
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Taki Moore: The Author and The Coach

Who is Taki Moore?

Taki Moore hails from Sydney, Australia and is known to be one of the most influential and represented trainers working anywhere in the world today. He is the author of the number one best seller coaching book “Million Dollar Coach” and the founder of Coach Marketing Machine. Moore is also dubbed as the world’s leading business and executive coach marketing expert. His marketing techniques have proven to be effective in producing fast and highly profitable results for coaches. Over the last seven years, Moore has trained and mentored a select group of coaches, taking them from Stability to Success and Scale. He shares in the book what is specifically working for them. He offers personalized coaching, mentoring, webinar and networking sessions with some of the world’s most renowned coaches, through his million dollar coach implementation, black belt, and boardroom programs.

About Million Dollar Coach

Million Dollar Coach: The nine Strategies That Drive a 7-figure Coaching Business, was authored by Taki Moore and published in November 2016. The Million Dollar Coach is an extremely valuable resource that is primarily for coaches of various specialties and experience levels. It is for those who are also looking to move past an average coaching practice and ready to achieve extraordinary success. It addresses the critical issues affecting coaches who are struggling to make a high six or seven-figure income.

How Does The Book Help Coaches Become Highly Successful?

  1. It provides vital principles that will help efficiently generate leads
  2. It shows how to turn leads into clients through an automated marketing system.
  3. It teaches you how to build the ideal business that works best for you.
  4. It shows you ways to position yourself in the coaching industry.

The Million Dollar Philosophy

ATTRACT – the right prospects

CONVERT – the acquired prospects to satisfied clients

DELIVER – your programs at scale.

Per Taki Moore, once you have embraced this philosophy, you will own all the tools necessary to progressively expand your coaching business to your desired level rapidly.

If you are a coach looking to increase your income, have more flexibility with your schedule; enjoy financial success while at the same time delivering exceptional results to your clients, then I will enthusiastically encourage you to read the million dollar coach. get your copy today!!!

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