How to Become a Certified Executive Coach

Becoming a certified executive coach requires various steps to undertake. However, before you consider a career in executive coaching, you want to ask yourself a fundamental question ” is coaching right for me?”

How to Become a Certified Executive Coach
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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching involves a mutually designed (collaborative) relationship between executives or business leaders within an organization. The ultimate goal is to help these individuals to progressively improve performance in the workplace eventually resulting in achieving desired results. This coaching niche is designed to facilitate more excellent vision and progressive change in the client and the organization, thereby increasing satisfaction and effectiveness.

The Role of a Certified Executive Coach

A certified executive coach helps clients achieve professional goals and feel confident making bolder business moves. These coaches typically run their businesses, are current or former executives of organizations with a wealth of business management, marketing, consulting experience. They are hired by mostly medium and large size firms to help managers develop leadership skills, improve staff communication and resolve conflicts in the workplace.

In your role as a certified executive coach, you will be capable of assisting your clients to achieve the following:
1. Address the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives.
2. Find a better work/life balance.
3. Progressively improve their leadership abilities and engagement levels.
4. Increase business performance and produce a more significant impact at work.
5.Get to the subsequent level of their accomplished career.

How Much Do Executive Coaches Make?

According to Payscale, executive coaches make approximately $80,000 annually, with around $17,000 earned through bonuses on average. In 2017 coaching industry review from Sherpa Coaching, showed that 14% of executive coaches reported hourly earnings at $500 or above per hour. At the same time, some 35% charge between $150- $299 per hour and 43% $300-$500 per hour. Certified coaches who operate their own business are ordinarily known to set their prices, and it varies due to factors like location, experience, etc.

Executive Coach Certification: Is it Required?

To become a certified executive coach, there are a few steps to consider. Most of them revolve around acquiring coaching training and becoming credentialed. Others include achieving the required number of coaching experience hours and demonstrating the proper understanding and mastery of coaching techniques, core competencies, and ethics.

Not all executive coaches work towards coaching certification. Because it isn’t currently a requirement to become a coach. However, many still do pursue training and certification from recognized training providers and universities.

An executive coaching certification may not be compulsory to have, but it is highly recommended because it adds value and credibility to your professional portfolio as you establish your coaching practice.

Becoming a certified executive coach is an excellent move for individuals with a genuine passion as well as the expertise in helping people grow professionally. If you are sincere about becoming an executive coaching professional, conduct your research thoroughly and ensure you are equipped with all that you need to thrive in this rapidly growing industry.

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