How to Get Life Coach Clients For Your Christian Coaching Practice

Finding out how to get life coach clients for your christian coaching practice should be your number one priority after your decision to embark on this career path. It shouldn’t be taken lightly because the success of your business depends primarily on getting coaching clients.

How to Get Life Coach Clients For Your Christian Coaching Practice

What is Christian Life Coaching?

Christian Life Coaching is one of several niches within the life coaching profession. This niche approaches coaching from a Christian perspective or worldview. It has to do with coaches coming alongside the clients inviting God into the coaching relationship to help steer them from where they are to where God desires them to be in their life’s journey. The Christian Life Coach’s role is to equip the clients with a plan to discover their purpose, break down negative mindsets holding them back and become everything God destined for them to be.

Six Strategies on How to Get Life Coach Clients

Regardless of what niche of coaching you decide to focus on, strategies for attracting new clients is still the same. When I first started in my life coaching business, I made the mistake of thinking that I didn’t need to put in much work to get coaching clients since I was an active church member. As a result, I got easily frustrated until I came across these strategies that have proven successful in my practice.

1. Church & Ministry Platform: Your job has already been made easier if you are a member of a local church in your community. All you need to do is become highly active in your church through small groups to be recognized. Ensure that both your pastor and members are aware of your life coaching services and develop your clientele around that.

2. Complimentary Sessions: One of the primary keys on how to get life coach clients is offering free sessions to prospective clients. It is a good idea to do both group and individual sessions if possible. If your church members are impressed with your services, they will be a useful marketing tool to help spread the word to friends, neighbors, and family members who do not attend your church.

3. Network on Social Media: Advertising on social media is another platform to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you can best serve your prospective clients. The great thing about your life coaching business is that it does not restrict you to a specific location. You can coach clients from all over the world. So get busy making those connections.

4. Community Involvement: Putting your face and business out there through partnering with both christian and secular non-profit organizations is good for business. Attending networking associations, volunteering for charitable organizations, attending church and ministry focused events in your community is an excellent way of attracting your desired clients.

5. Never be a Lone Wolf: Networking with your fellow coaches regardless of the niche will help your business; do not isolate yourself. Connect with a local coaching group in your area, if there is none, start one. It is always good to rub minds together and if you make the right connections; you will be able to refer clients to each other. Other professions like therapists, medical providers do the same.

6. Follow up – Always check in on past clients and prospective clients. You can do this by sending out emails, text messages, making phone calls, connecting with them on social media, etc. Also, try to spend time where you believe clients normally hang out. For Christian coaches, we are talking about the weekly Bible study groups, christian bookstores, coffee shops, etc.

Having said all this, you want to make sure you attract the clientele that you are best equipped to help and the ones that will benefit most from your services. Utilizing the above six strategies coupled with working from a place of integrity and passion will enable you to obtain the type of life coach clients you desire to serve.

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