Life Coaching For Schools Will Change The World

Life coaching for schools, that’s it!”. My little brother couldn’t stop screaming it through the phone. He’s 16 and goes to Oxford, a Highschool for the above average boys and girls of Orange County California. My little brother is very intelligent. Is he smart enough to have the key to changing what is possible for the generation after my own? I like to encourage him to think so. He says life coaching for schools, focused on the students, will change the world.

Life Coaching For Schools= A New Generation of Positive Thinkers

Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually learned tools and techniques that would teach us to master our emotions and mindset in order to live the life we desired?  What if we could learn to define what we want while we are still a teenager?  What if we could be strategic about achieving our goals with specific and measurable actions? What if we didn’t sweat the small stuff, live in fear, allow others to dictate how we feel about ourselves and rely on what our parents wanted us to do for the first 25% of our life?

Instead we have to study subjects we have no interest in and will never utilize. Why isn’t there a course on how to motivate yourself and stay positive? Why isn’t there a designated Life coach for schools across the nation? If there were life coaching for schools in every district we could teach High School students to live with focused power, clarity and intent.

It Could Make The Difference Between Rapid Success and Long Term Failure

If I could have left High School knowing what I know now, I would be 10x more successful. Not because of my experience dating, moving away from home, or dealing with life’s challenges. If I knew the tools I have acquired through training to become a Life Coach it would have allowed me to have the confidence and time to create a life I’m proud of now at a much younger age and who knows what I’d be moving onto.

Without Life Coaching in Schools Students:

  • Stress over grades
  • Focus all attention and efforts into what college to get into
  • Take minimum wage jobs that have nothing to do with what they really want to do in life
  • Are confused over what their purpose is
  • Waste time being Confused about relationships with the opposite sex
  • Have Low Self Esteem
  • Waste valuable time
  • Eat unhealthy
  • Rely on their parents to tell them how to think and what is right and wrong
  • Are controlled by emotion and circumstance

How Could High school Life be Different?

If it became mandatory that there were life coaching in schools for every area I believe the students of the future could make a difference.

They would begin to:

  • Discover what their unique strengths and weaknesses are and align them with a career that highlights their unique strengths
  • Make strong decisions on what they want
  • Set goals in line with their purpose
  • Learn to control their emotions in favor of the results they desire
  • Understand how to have healthy relationships
  • Make decisions for themselves
  • Create identities that support the dreams they have for their future

Every month I hold a Mastermind and lately I have been inviting my little brother to join. He is picking up the coaching tools with such excitement. “It’s like a blanket has been lifted off me” he says, “I was blinded before and everything makes soo much sense now”.  Maybe he is right. Maybe there should be Life coaching for schools as a mandatory student focus and our world wouldn’t be in the state it is in now!

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
Writing team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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  1. says

    I love your idea Jeannine! I have served as a mentor
    for teens and been involved in some progressive programs
    for teens.

    It would be Awesome to see coaching – including self care
    mastery as part of every school’s curriculum.

    Maybe you’ll begin a pilot program 🙂
    Best Wishes for Continued Success!

  2. Coach Jeannine says

    Thanks Paula! The world is grateful for what you do. It would be awesome! Maybe we could collaborate together!

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