How Do You Become a Life Coach Who Really Knows Your Stuff?

How do you Become a Life Coach who is in “the know” and on top of all the best tools and strategies? You become resourceful! My weekly blogs are a good place to start. Nice to meet you friend, welcome home.

Know How to Become a Life Coach That Shares And Shines

I created the motto share and shine for all the aspiring coaches I mentor over at the rsvp revolution. I believe the more you share, the more you shine. I know you must know this too and it is why you want to do what you do. Since you have come on over to my corner here at the coaches training blog, I’m going to share my favorite tools and techniques to help you shine in your sessions.

Jey’s Top 3 Favorite Coaching Tools

1. Pain and Pleasure. Every great coach knows how to become a life coach that enhances motivation naturally for their clients. The key to your clients motivation is their inner way of associating pain and pleasure to action, change and decisions. Help your client reassociate more pain with not achieving their goal and more pleasure with taking action or creating change.

2. Map it out. Imagine being stranded in a desert with no map to guide you to the Oasis. This is how most of my clients feel before we start coaching. They are lost, stuck and unclear of where to go and how to move ahead. Your clients need to create a visual map and you are the best leader to talk them through it.

This map will teach you how to be a life coach that creates a visual plan for success with your client. Use pictures, words and anything visual you can to encourage your client to create a real map. Have your client include the way it really is, the way they want it to be and set and declare their first goal.

Include the Following On Their Map:

The Goal (Oasis)- Describe everything about what it will look, how they will feel, who they will be and how they will know they have reached their goal in detail. Mark it on the map.

The Starting Point- How far have they come already and where did they start? Then mark YOU ARE HERE. Your client must acknowledge how far they have come and where they have to go.

Landmarks- What will your client come across on their journey that will let them know they are headed the right way?

Adversity- What adversity will your client come across along the journey to success? What could you be prepared for in advance? Mark it on the map.

Backpack- Pack up the resources you need and create a shopping list. What do you need to support you and prepare you for what is to come?

3. Purpose and WHY. Checking in on Pain and Pleasure association and mapping it out are great. My favorite tool in knowing how to become a coach is knowing the reason, purpose and why. The why is the bridge to the results your clients will achieve. Guid them to stay true to their purpose and discover their way before attacking any obstacle, dream or goal.

Don’t Forget to “Do You”

You need to know how becoming a coach will affect how you remember to take care of your own needs. Or, as I’ve heard on the Jersey Shore,“I gotta do me”. I know I told you to share and shine but don’t forget to share a little love for yourself. Before I became a coach I would go to seminars, retreats and read books for my personal growth, passion and self interest. It took two years of running a successful coaching business to learn that it is easy to stop learning how to receive. The key to abundance is giving freely but more importantly a willingness to receive.

I was soaking up everything to give to my clients and forgetting the resourcefulness and space to nurture my inner child. Don’t forget to take the space to nurture your creative flow and pay attention to your inner guide. Don’t forget to “do you”. A good coach remembers to practice what they preach and live with conscious connection to the growth and contribution of love and personal power within themselves.

Hope you took some great value out of this post today! I’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure you leave a comment with your thoughts or questions. And also, you can click on the Twitter button below to retweet this article…Thank you!

Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
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