Coaching Careers Gone Wild

What coaching careers will spark your flame? What are your choices? These days there are many opportunities for coaches.

Why Pick a Niche?

Life coaching is quickly becoming recognized and accepted. Every smart business owner knows that picking a target niche group or market is very important. Coaching careers are no exception to this rule. If you want to have a successful go at coaching, in a successful career, you will want to be recognized as an expert in a targeted market. What coaching career will you choose to become an expert in?

Coach Jey’s Favorite Options For Coaching Careers

I know you are dying to know what my favorite coaching career’s are. Ask and you shall always receive!

Transformational Coaching

In this coaching career you use techniques for coaching people beneath the surface, at the core of their beliefs and identity.   Transformational coaching is changing who you are, to change what you do.

It deals with:

  • inner being
  • values
  • core beliefs
  • identity
  • destiny

This style of coaching helps bring about deep lasting significant change. This is a personally standard I set to achieve with every client, with the added intent of a little everlasting change.

Cross Cultural Coaching

There are very unique challenges in working across cultures. Cross cultural coaching has great potential to enrich the lives of both the coach and client. Coaching is about helping your client answer their own questions with powerful clarity. This personal power is what makes this coaching career powerful. The solutions decided in cross-cultural coaching often times fit the clients own values and customs.

Marriage Coaching

Coaching careers in marriage are highly valuable in this day and age. Most people are completely unaware of the skills it takes to live life as part of a team. Helping a couple set goals differs from working with one person.

Life coaching for couples, as opposed to couple therapy, is thriving! Coaching allows a couple to take responsibility for their relationship, identify what they’d like to change and develop actions and options to reach a mutual goal.

Relationship Coaching

A career in relationship coaching is very different than marriage coaching. Relationship coaching covers a variety of issues in dating, within couples and individuals. This type of coaching career also covers the experience of brokenness, ability to express love and betrayal, as a result of personal relationships. Relationship Coaching covers personal relationships in all areas of your life.

Small Group Coaching

Who wouldn’t want to make more money per hour by coaching more people and contributing to the lives of many at once? Small-group coaching is also valuable in creating connection and learning tools by witnessing others being coached. A small group coaching system should set clear objectives for what the leaders need to accomplish. Coaching Careers in this style alone are endless. You will want to lead a group where there is a common need or problem to be solved in the group.

Wellness Coaching

Coaching Careers in Wellness help clients in their physical health, especially related to diet, exercise and illness. Wellness coaching is helping people create a healthy lifestyle and care for their body, the vehicle that gets them through this reality.

Book Coaching

Coaching writers on how to get through the process of writing a book. It is mind boggling the amount of people in this world who have a story to tell.

Career Coaching

My favorite coaching career is career coaching. Say that 10 times fast!!  Did you know in a lifetime we might, on average, change careers 10 times?  Coaching Careers in Career pay because 90% of Americans don’t like their jobs. Career coaches work with their client to help them change organizations and refocus their vision.

Coaching Niche Groups

Once you are confident with your coaching skills it is easy to pick a coaching career and become an expert in any area that you direct your focus and concentrate your power. In fact you might even find a market for people looking to hire a coach to help them decide what their niche marketing choice should be.

As you can see there are many options for coaching careers. Now it is time for you to discover what your values are and pick a coaching career that excites you.

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
Writing team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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