Mindfulness Coach: Use Meditation to Prepare For Coaching Sessions

Whether you're a mindfulness coach, a business coach, or a life coach, meditation helps you to enter into any coaching session calm, unattached, powerful, and sensitive to your client... It's the ultimate 'neutral gear' to enter into when starting a session. Here's a video about how to use meditation to prepare for coaching sessions: I use this coach's meditation to prepare myself for my coaching sessions: .            Meditation in MP3 … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Life Coach Qualifications to Be a Successful Coach

What life coach qualifications are needed to be a good coach? What is the inside scoop on how to become an excellent life coach? Well, first of all, there is no inside scoop. There are no secrets about qualifications, traits, skills, or knowledge that will propel you to an amazing career as a life coach. There is no magic elixir that will give you coaching superpowers! There are No Requirements to be a Coach You don’t need a special degree or earn a major in any specific subjects in … [Read more...]

What is One Vision Life Coaching?

One Vision Life Coaching is a business and life coaching company located in Eastleigh, United Kingdom. It is owned by Garry Lane, and provides services for people in the Southampton and Hampshire areas. If you live in the area, and are considering the services of a life or business coach, take a look at Garry Lane and his life and business coaching practice. Who is Garry Lane? Garry Lane, owner of One Vision Life Coaching, has been an HR manager with experience working for a blue chip … [Read more...]

Do You have Coaching Performance Issues?

You’ve been trained, you have the skills, you have a client sitting in front of you – but do you freeze up and suffer coaching performance issues? Do you forget your training and all you learned when it’s time to shine? If this is happening to you, there’s no coaching Viagra you can take. The only way to fix the issue is to take a good look at the problem and figure out how to fix it! Do You Have the Ability to be a Coach? You probably took an inventory of your traits before you became … [Read more...]

Miracle Morning Mastery Event

On June 21-23, 2016, the Miracle Morning Mastery Event  will be held in Bloomington, IL at the Hilton Chicago/Indian Lakes Resort. Presented by Hal Elrod International, this is the first ever “Miracle Morning Mastery & Co-Creation” experience. NOTE:  Go HERE for all details on the event (and to register): http://www.miraclemorning.com/Events Various noted coaches and speakers will guide attendees through transformative experiences at this Miracle Morning Mastery event. There … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching Combined with Mindful Leadership Coaching Means Better Coaching

Mindful leadership coaching is paying attention in the moment and seeing things the way they are. It’s about coaching with a quiet mind and helping your clients improve their ability to make decisions with a quiet mind. Leadership and Paying Attention Good leadership is mostly about paying attention – to the environment, the people, the places, and the present. Mindful leaders will pay attention and take in as much information and data as possible before making a decision. To do this, they … [Read more...]

Quality Assurance Coaching Tips and Call Center Coaching

Quality assurance coaching tips aren’t about ensuring that you are offering quality coaching – it’s about offering coaching to a company’s call center. It’s about targeting a niche and opening up a new target market for your coaching practice. What is Call Center Coaching? Everyone has dealt with a call center or a customer service representative at one point (probably many points) in their life. Sometimes it sounds like you’re speaking with people on the other side of the globe, and other … [Read more...]

Are You the Best Executive Career Coach?

Who’s the best executive career If You’re an Executive Coach, You’re Also a Career Coach Executive coaches are sometimes referred to as corporate shrinks, but that’s not really a good description as they aren’t therapists or counselors. Though they do hear intimate thoughts, they don’t deal with disorders and diseases. If you want to call an executive coach anything other than an executive coach, you can call them career coaches. Career coaches? Yes, career coaches. Because executives … [Read more...]