Quality Assurance Coaching Tips and Call Center Coaching

Quality assurance coaching tips aren’t about ensuring that you are offering quality coaching – it’s about offering coaching to a company’s call center. It’s about targeting a niche and opening up a new target market for your coaching practice.

Coaching Tips
Coaching Tips

What is Call Center Coaching?

Everyone has dealt with a call center or a customer service representative at one point (probably many points) in their life. Sometimes it sounds like you’re speaking with people on the other side of the globe, and other times it seems as if the person is not really listening and certainly doesn’t care about your issue.

However, call centers, customer service representatives, or quality assurance departments are extremely important to a company’s success. Sure, a business can survive for a while without quality customer care, but it will eventually catch up to them, and sales with begin plummeting because word will get around that their customer service is horrible!

Call center coaching is just what it sounds like – it’s providing coaching to the managers of a call center and to the individuals who staff those call centers. This is where you would offer quality assurance coaching tips – to get a company’s quality assurance department running effectively and presenting a positive image for the company.

Quality Assurance Coaching Tips

If you decide to pursue call center coaching as a part of your practice, the number one quality assurance tip you can offer is to be flexible enough to change when change is needed. If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten! You probably wouldn’t be hired to coach customer service if company supervisors thought everything was going great – so change is most likely warranted!

So – start with the knowledge that you were hired to make changes, and it is up to you to first identify the problems before you do anything else.

More Quality Assurance Coaching Tips

Once you have identified the problems, it’s time to start coaching. Your next step would be to discuss with supervisory personnel exactly what their goals are for the call center. Do they want a specific number of calls taken in a specified time period? Do they have a maximum amount of allowable unsatisfied customers? Do they want each customer service rep to spend a maximum or minimum amount of time with each customer?

There will probably be many different goals, some measurable and some more subjective. But, like all coaching, identifying goals is a critical part of successful coaching.

Once goals have been identified, you can work with the employees on:

  • Providing them with more skills.
  • Working with them to be more flexible and have the ability to handle all sorts of calls, complaints, and issues.
  • Improving their self-esteem and helping them realize the value they have to the company.
  • Developing a correct process with supervisors, demonstrating that process with employees, and asking for feedback on the process with those employees. Get them invested in the process and comfortable with all aspects of their customer service position.

Call center coaching is like any other coaching in most respects. However, the list of quality assurance tips begins with identifying the problems, and then moves on to identifying goals. It’s a niche that might be worth exploring due to its importance in the success of most businesses.

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