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Career Coaching

If You’re an Executive Coach, You’re Also a Career Coach

Executive coaches are sometimes referred to as corporate shrinks, but that’s not really a good description as they aren’t therapists or counselors. Though they do hear intimate thoughts, they don’t deal with disorders and diseases. If you want to call an executive coach anything other than an executive coach, you can call them career coaches.

Career coaches? Yes, career coaches. Because executives come to them for help, they must want to enhance their productivity in their current job or position. Anytime an executive increases their productivity they are most likely also increasing their chances for career advancement. Voila – if you are an executive coach, you are also a career coach!

How to be the Best Executive Career Coach

The best executive career coaches are the ones who achieve the outcomes their clients are seeking. Sounds simple, right? Well, not really. But, to be the best you have to do the things that make you the best! It’s just that simple!

Here are a few ways to be the best:

  • Tell the truth. It’s true that coaches are not supposed to tell, but there are times when telling a client something is unavoidable. So, when you do have to tell a client something, tell the truth. Be honest and somewhat blunt. Executives can take it – they may be a bit distraught at first and even somewhat surprised (after all, they are accustomed to being the ones who do the telling!), but they expect and demand honesty, and you have to give it to them to be the best executive career coach.
  • Treat them as an equal. You may think it’s best to put them on a pedestal and treat them with deference – they are, after all, executives and have probably tons of business experience and knowledge. You should, of course, treat them with respect. But, if you treat them as if they are superior, they will begin to think of you as inferior. And, do you think they will continue to hand over their hard-earned money to someone if they perceive them as inferior? Instead, they will go somewhere else to find the best executive career coach.
  • Chaos is the mother of opportunity. Most executives probably already know this. Most successful people have latched onto opportunities during crises to make money or to move ahead in business. However, it is an axiom often forgotten in the middle of a crisis, especially if that crisis involves your own business. If your client is complaining about problems or crises, gently remind them that there are always opportunities in the midst of a crisis.
  • Adapt but be yourself. To be the best executive career coach, you have to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of different clients. However, you must always be exactly who you are – don’t change to appease each client. They are executives and they will be able to see through the BS!

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