Do You have Coaching Performance Issues?

You’ve been trained, you have the skills, you have a client sitting in front of you – but do you freeze up and suffer coaching performance issues? Do you forget your training and all you learned when it’s time to shine?

Business Coaching
Business Coaching

If this is happening to you, there’s no coaching Viagra you can take. The only way to fix the issue is to take a good look at the problem and figure out how to fix it!

Do You Have the Ability to be a Coach?

You probably took an inventory of your traits before you became a coach to see if you had the right characteristics to be an excellent coach. Here’s a brief checklist of the right stuff needed to be a successful coach:

  • Patient and tolerant of others.
  • Empathetic toward the views and circumstances of others.
  • Flexible and adaptable – able to change with the times and the situation.
  • Objective with feedback and analysis – can you see things through a lens other than your own?
  • Tough and firm when needed
  • Willing to work hard to find outcomes for your client and to continually build your business.

If you are having coaching performance issues, take each of these traits and do an in-depth self-analysis to see if you are lacking in any of them. You’ll probably find one or two areas where you have been less than ideal. Taking time to improve in those areas will build self-confidence – the more self-confidence you have, the less likely you will be to experience any coach performance problems.

Do You Have the Skills to be a Coach?

Have you analyzed your training and education recently? Perhaps you are lacking some knowledge or skills? Perhaps you need a refresher on some of those skills. Perhaps you need to attend a seminar, take a webinar, or enroll in a coaching program to obtain additional skills.

A good coaching program can help you analyze and deconstruct your coaching style. You can then take a closer, objective look at what you do in sessions and if your performance is all it can be. If you freeze up during session, lack a new step to try, fail to have an outcome for a client, or experience any other coaching performance issues, then you may be lacking the needed training.

Do You Have the Motivation to be a Coach?

This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be a coach, but perhaps you need to work with a specific target group that inspires you or lights a fire beneath your passions. You coaching performance issues may be because you’re bored or uninterested. Perhaps it’s time to look for a niche – an area or target market on which to focus your energy or passions.

It just might be time for a chance. Redesign your business. Take a coaching program that introduces you to a new niche or segment of the coaching industry.

Solving Your Coaching Performance Issues One Step at a Time

If you take the time to do a proper self-analysis on your abilities, skills, and motivations, you will most likely find the reasons for your problems. It’s usually a small thing or a missing ingredient that is easy to solve. Don’t give up – do a little coaching on yourself and you’ll be on the road to fixing any coaching performance problems you may have – no pills needed!

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Dwayne Reyes says

    Thanks for the lessons you have shared. It made me realize that I need and strive to be better.

  2. Marcy Teodoro says

    This post is very helpful to the beginners. I wish that it was easy to follow this but I will try my best

  3. Phil says

    Anyone can become a coach but actually doing a good performance is a different matter all together. These are just awesome tips that I will surely keep in mind. Thanks Fred!

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