Leadership Team Development and Identifying the Right Key Accountabilities

Coaching leadership team development is one of the best ways to attract high level clients to your business coaching practice. There are a few key components of effective and successful leadership and team development coaching that will help you find the outcomes your clients are seeking. Why Key Accountabilities Matter To Team Development Key accountabilities are: A reason a job exists A result that is critical to an individual performing a job well. A result that someone … [Read more...]

The Best Life Coach Articles

This post will introduce you to some the best life coach articles on the Internet. Though there is plenty of junk online, there is also plenty of valuable information – information that can give you new ideas, stimulate you to try something new, educate you on a new trend in the life coaching industry, or provide you with data that can validate what you have already done with clients. Some of the Best Life Coach Articles Here are a few selected articles that should be worth a read. As most … [Read more...]

How to Become a Business Coach Who Succeeds Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

How do you become a business coach who succeeds? Instead of one who struggles to find clients and make a living? Coaches Need to Sell, Sell, and Sell Some More Any business requires marketing and promotion, and coaching is certainly not an exception. But, selling doesn’t just mean promoting over and over again. It means you have something to sell! The 2 Things You Need to Sell to be a Successful Coach There are really only two things you need to sell to become a business coach who … [Read more...]

Is There a National Coaching Certification?

New coaches and individuals looking to enter the coaching profession may wonder if there is a national coaching certification. In a one-word answer – No. The Rise of Life Coaching Life coaching has come a long way in the past few decades. The profession was not well known by the public, and perhaps even seen as somewhat of a scam many years ago. However, thanks to the work of excellent coaches across the country, and to organizations like the International Coach federation (ICF), life … [Read more...]

Business Performance Coaching and Understanding Why Key Accountabilities Matter

Business performance coaching is all about helping clients do better in business, whether they own a business, manage a business, have an executive position, or hold a regular job in a company, small or large. What are Key Accountabilities? A key accountability sounds as if it’s a fancy corporate term for some obscure task or position within a company. However, it’s crucial to the proper functioning of a job, a team, and an organization. Key accountabilities are: A critical … [Read more...]

Careers for the 21st Century – Wellness Coach Jobs

What do you think the prospect for wellness coach jobs will be in the future? Well, I’m not good at predicting future events (if I was good at it, I’d be in Vegas right now instead of here writing this), but I imagine it’s pretty good odds that wellness coaching jobs will be in demand in the short and long terms. Trends for the Wellness Coaching Industry To understand how explosive the wellness coaching industry will be in the future, all you need to do is look at the numbers. There are 75 … [Read more...]

Business team Coaching and Key Accountabilities?

Business team coaching often requires coaches to work with individuals on a particular team and to help them improve their own personal skills while also helping them improve within the framework of a team. What is a Key Accountability? Key accountabilities are critical factors and drivers for success in a job or task. The accountabilities of a job are not the same as a job description. Key accountabilities are the reasons why a client has a job or the reasons they are part of a … [Read more...]

There is a Need for a Good Online Coaching – Wikipedia Article

When you look up “Online Coaching Wikipedia” in Google, the first result is “Coaching – Wikipedia” and the second result is “Online Coaching – Wikipedia.” What’s weird about the result is that the title is in English, but the remainder of the article is in Dutch. Of course, you can use the translate feature and turn it into English, but why does it come up in Dutch? What Happened to this Wikipedia Article? Once you translate the article into English, you would think you’d be presented with … [Read more...]

5 Different Techniques Coaches Use to Communicate

There are many different techniques coaches use to communicate with their clients. Good communication is key to the development and success of a coaching session or sessions. There are many different techniques coaches use that contribute to effective coaching conversations. Coaching Communication Means Active Listening At the top of the list of communication techniques is “active listening.” Active listening is a skill that can be acquired, developed, and improved with practice. It is a … [Read more...]

Who are Success University Coaches and Where Are They Now?

The given keyword phrase is success university coaches. If you look up this phrase on Google, one of the first results is a YouTube video with a link: successuniversitycoaches.com Who are Success University Coaches and Where Are They Now? The video talks about becoming a student at Success University. It’s filled with hype: The Success University library is currently valued at well over $10,000 and you’ll get access to this amazing well of knowledge for less than the price of a cup of … [Read more...]