How to Become a Business Coach Who Succeeds Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

How do you become a business coach who succeeds? Instead of one who struggles to find clients and make a living?

Business Coaching
Business Coaching

Coaches Need to Sell, Sell, and Sell Some More

Any business requires marketing and promotion, and coaching is certainly not an exception. But, selling doesn’t just mean promoting over and over again. It means you have something to sell!

The 2 Things You Need to Sell to be a Successful Coach

There are really only two things you need to sell to become a business coach who succeeds and prospers in a very competitive industry.

  • Sell Yourself
  • Sell your Program

That’s it! If you can effectively sell yourself and a business coaching program that works, you can be a success in the business coaching industry.

Selling Yourself as a Coach

When you sell yourself in the coaching industry, you are selling everything about you that makes you an effective coach. You are selling your coaching education, your certifications, your brand, your experience, your reputation, your professional success, and who you are as a person outside of your coaching practice. Clients are looking at everything that makes you a coach.

Selling a Coaching Program

To become a business coach who succeeds, most coaches only think about selling themselves, but there’s another piece that is just as important, and perhaps even more important to boosting your success above the norm.

You have to sell a coaching program – a comprehensive collection of skills, information, and exercises that define how you coach and find outcomes for your clients. This is your intellectual property. In many ways this intellectual property defines you as a coach, and merges with your previously mentioned promotion of yourself. It is also what propels you to become a business coaching success story!

Become a Business Coach Who Succeeds Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Despite the hype you sometimes see and the often dire pictures some skeptics paint, coaching is a business like any other business. Some people succeed, some people fail, and some succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

To become one those wildly successful coaches, you definitely have to create and develop a viable coaching program that can be used in your practice and in the sales of other products.

Additional Products Power a Successful Business Coach

A car with one piston wouldn’t have much power while a car with eight pistons can power up a hill without hesitation. When you develop a coaching program based on your coaching methods, you can use this program to create many different products. You can write a book, create a home coaching program, offer seminars based on your program, and produce DVDs that highlights your coaching skills. You can also train other coaches with your proprietary program.

To become a business coach who succeeds you need to sell yourself and your coaching program. This will give you the chance to create additional streams of income – those pistons continually pumping away to generate more and more power and income!

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  1. Fabio Meneghini says

    If you don’t sell your program, there will be minimal growth to your life coaching business. I am on your side and I do hope more coaches will listen to you

  2. Nathan says

    Im in an organization that is big on selling and reading up on this I can definitely say that a lot of what we do connects to what coaches do because of selling.

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