Who are Success University Coaches and Where Are They Now?

The given keyword phrase is success university coaches. If you look up this phrase on Google, one of the first results is a YouTube video with a link: successuniversitycoaches.com

Success Coaching
Success Coaching

Who are Success University Coaches and Where Are They Now?

The video talks about becoming a student at Success University. It’s filled with hype:

  • The Success University library is currently valued at well over $10,000 and you’ll get access to this amazing well of knowledge for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.
  • Only university in the world dedicated to success training.
  • Program is taught by some of the most familiar faces in the world in success education who have collectively helped millions of people.
  • In just over two years, more than 65,000 individuals became new students at Success University
  • They have the number one personal development website on the Internet.
  • It partners with one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world – Feed the Children. Every time a student enrolls, a donation is made to feed the Children.
  • Success University is on the brink of being a worldwide phenomenon.

This all sounds great, right? Well, not sure if the reality lived up to the hype.

What Happened to Success University?

Are there any Success University coaches? This video, and a few others I saw that referenced Success University were created and uploaded in 2008. I couldn’t really find much more information on this program and it appears that the link no longer works.

Success University was founded by Matt Morris, and it seems we can still find Mr. Morris online. Success University Coaches seems to have turned into SuccessUniversity.com (still Success University coaching program), and now it seems to have morphed into World Ventures, a direct sales vacation and lifestyle club. I don’t see Matt Morris mentioned on the website.

The Unemployed Millionaire

Matt Morris now seems to be involved in network marketing and has written a few books on the subject, including The Unemployed Millionaire. He has videos on YouTube promoting his program and seminars. I’m not sure what this has to do with coaching – it seems as if Mr. Morris is more involved with internet marketing instead of coaching.

Be Careful – Choose Coaching Programs Wisely

I don’t know anything about Matt Morris, and I don’t know how successful Success University at training coaches to succeed and prosper, but investigating success University Coaches has reminded me, and should remind all of us that it pays to do your due diligence before you select a coaching program. You want one that will be around for years to come. One that will offer continued support after you have become a coach.

It doesn’t appear that Success University became a worldwide phenomenon, and it appears to have changed into something different.

You want to sign up with a good coaching program? Look for one that has been around a few years. Look for one accredited by one of the governing bodies, such as the International Coach Federation (ICF). Look for testimonials and reviews. Look for one with long-term satisfied graduates. Do your research, be patient, and you’ll find the right program for your needs.

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