Leadership Team Development and Identifying the Right Key Accountabilities

Coaching leadership team development is one of the best ways to attract high level clients to your business coaching practice. There are a few key components of effective and successful leadership and team development coaching that will help you find the outcomes your clients are seeking.

Why Key Accountabilities Matter To Team Development

Key accountabilities are:

  • A reason a job exists
  • A result that is critical to an individual performing a job well.
  • A result that someone in the organization is responsible for.

Key accountabilities can be positive, such as reaching a specific sales goal, signing a specific number of clients, or a certain numbers of products produced. Key accountabilities can also be negative, such as reducing the refund amounts, the amount of accidents on the assembly floor, or the number of unhappy customers.

When you are coaching team leaders, executives, business owners, or supervisors in regards to leadership team development, key accountabilities should be a critical part of each coaching session.

3 Steps to Identifying Key Accountabilities

  1. List all possible key accountabilities through brainstorming
  2. Remove any items on your list that are not key accountabilities
  3. Ranking all remaining key accountabilities in order of priority.

Listing Key Accountabilities

When coaching leadership team development, this is the beginning stage for finding key accountabilities. This is a brainstorming session – write down everything that your client thinks might be a key accountability. Write down a task and the corresponding result for that task. Do the results have value? Do they have a significant impact on the team or organization? Are the results measurable? These are some of the questions you can pose to your client during the brainstorming session.

Filtering Key Accountabilities

Once you have a list, the filtering step requires this list be pared down to 3-5 items. Some of the ways to reduce the number of items on your list include:

  • Combine any tasks that relate to the same overall result.
  • Eliminate any items that really aren’t significant to the operation or success of the organization.
  • Eliminate any items that are not a critical result for the success of the team or organization.

Ranking Key Accountabilities

Running a business or managing a team is all about prioritizing tasks and jobs. Key accountabilities should be weighted by order of importance and ranked from most important to least important (though still important!). Once they are then ranked, a team leader should indicate what percentage of time should be spent on each key accountabilities. Once this is finished, you’ll end up with a list of 3-5 items prioritized with an ideal percentage of time that should be spent on each accountability.

Can You Coach Leadership and Team Development?
Can you coach leadership? Can you coach team development? Without stressing the importance of key accountabilities, you probably won’t be very good at it. Identifying key accountabilities helps an owner or manager keep or eliminate jobs, prioritize tasks, identify goals or desired results, and ultimately run a successful team or business

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