Where to Find Free Online Coaching Research and Information

Looking to do a little online coaching research? It's not hard to find information about coaching with Google and a few clicks of your mouse. In fact, information is everywhere – weeding through the useless information to find something that is meaningful is more of a problem. Where to Find Free Online Coaching Information The best place to do online coaching research is YouTube. You can find most everything on YouTube, including information about coaching. If you put “coaching … [Read more...]

More Than 10: Reason 1-10 to Become a Coach

There are many more than 10: reason to become a coach takes many forms and has many answers depending on the individual. In fact every coach could think of more than 10. Reason one through 12,000 could be listed in most any article about coaching. But, since Internet articles are brief, most articles give 5 or 10, or some other low number. But, there are more than 10 reasons to become a coach! Coaching's Top 10: Reason to Become a Coach Number 1 If coaches really sat down and thought the … [Read more...]

Can Men Have Success Coaching Women?

Can men have success coaching women? It seems like such a ridiculous question at first, but in a society that often specializes, and frequently focuses on issues for a specific group, it may not be quite as ridiculous as first assumed. Coaches Must Be Able to Find Outcomes for Their Clients The guiding principle of coaching is – if you can offer outcomes that your clients are seeking, then you can be an effective and successful coach. If you can offer outcomes that women are seeking, then … [Read more...]

6 Keys to Selecting Names for Life Coaching Business Success

What are some good names for life coaching business success? If you are in the process of naming your business, it's wise to take some time to select the ideal name for your coaching practice. There are many possible things you can name your business, but not all of them are good names for life coaching business success. What's in a Name for a Life Coaching Business? Your name is one of the most important components of your business. You name is your brand, your logo, and your image to the … [Read more...]

How to Speak With Confidence and Authority

Do you want to know how to speak with confidence and authority? Do you want to know how to get the audience's attention and keep it? Speaking with confidence is something that benefits anyone and everyone. Do Coaches Need to Know How to Speak With Confidence and Authority? Though listening is one of the most important parts of their job, coaches also do plenty of talking. They speak one-on-one, but many coaches also give seminars or speak in front of groups. No matter if it is to one … [Read more...]

Determining Your Personal Coaching Fees

How should you determine your personal coaching fees? Does it really matter or should you just pick a number out of a hat? Yes – Your Personal Coaching fee Matters The amount you charge is one of the most important decisions you can make when starting your coaching business. Your personal coaching fees have a direct influence of how many clients will consider your services and actually pay money for your services. You want to get your personal coaching business off to a good start? Take … [Read more...]

Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors Can Mean More Clients For You

Career coaching skills for supervisors are important because one of the most important yet misunderstood tasks for supervisors is to be able to coach their employees. They should be able to coach them about leadership, teamwork, and other aspects of the work environment. But, even if supervisors are cognizant of the benefits of coaching, they don't usually think about the careers of their employees. What are  Career Coaching Skills? The skills needed for a career coach are varied and … [Read more...]

Top Four “Advanced” New Year’s Resolutions For Kick Ass Coaches, Leaders, And Achievers

Here are the top four resolutions to think about making this year if you're a coach, leader, or just all-around achiever. These resolutions are NOT the easy stuff... the common suggestions you see most gurus making for the masses. At the same time, these resolutions are not giant goals, fantasies, or "deprivation attempts". They ARE simple, positive habits that you may, in fact, enjoy, and which are almost guaranteed to transform your life and coaching business for the better. They all … [Read more...]

The Adler School of Professional Coaching

What's the Adler School of Professional Coaching Toronto, and is it something that Canadians should check out if they are interested in starting a professional coaching career? About the Adler School of Professional Coaching Toronto The Adler School of Professional Coaching is now called Adler International Learning, Inc. which provides unique graduate professional education and training. Their ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited coaching program will help you learn the skills … [Read more...]

How to Become a Strength Coach in Your Own Business in 6 Steps

How to become a strength coach? Seems like a simple question. It has a simple, but not necessarily easy answer. Questions About Becoming a Strength Coach How to become a strength coach? This question should be followed by, “Why should I become a strength coach? And then, “Is becoming a strength coach a good career move?” And, “Do I have the skills and passion to become a strength coach? These are all great questions that need to be answered before you decide to jump into the strength … [Read more...]