More Than 10: Reason 1-10 to Become a Coach

There are many more than 10: reason to become a coach takes many forms and has many answers depending on the individual. In fact every coach could think of more than 10. Reason one through 12,000 could be listed in most any article about coaching. But, since Internet articles are brief, most articles give 5 or 10, or some other low number. But, there are more than 10 reasons to become a coach!

Become a Life Coach
Become a Life Coach

Coaching’s Top 10: Reason to Become a Coach Number 1

If coaches really sat down and thought the reason they became a coach, the most likely answer, if they could give only one, would be that they are in a position to change the world one person at a time. What a powerful and wonderful reason to become a coach!

The Rest of the Top 10 Reasons to Become a Coach

  1.  Experience the joy of helping others. In some careers you get to do this, in others you             don’t. In coaching, that is the foundation of your career – helping others achieve their             goals and dreams. What could be more beautiful than that!
  2. This second of the top 10: reason to become a coach number 3 is to fulfill a need or a purpose to be of service to others. Many people would love to spend their entire lives volunteering for the good of community and the world. But, you do have to make a living, and coaching is one of the best ways to fulfill your purpose of service and to make some money!
  3. Give your life experiences value by using them to help others. This means that everything you have done, accomplished, overcome, or learned will be used to help others.
  4. Build true wealth in all areas of your life. You enhance your talent, gain experience, improve your knowledge, nurture your spiritual life, build your community, and improve your cash flow!
  5. Your personal growth never ends. Some people become stagnant in their careers after several years. Coaching is different – the pursuit of education is vital to your career. You also learn from the clients you meet – if you want to continue to grow no matter how long you have been working – coaching is ideal for you!
  6. Expand your cultural awareness. The more people you coach, the more you will come in contact with different cultures – without leaving your office.
  7. Financial rewards. Yes – you can make money as a coach. Most people start out slow, often part-time, but as you build your business, there is a great opportunity to make a good living.
  8. Recognition. Though many people don’t crave recognition, most people find satisfaction when they are recognized for a job well done. Coaching gives you this opportunity many times over!
  9. Be an entrepreneur. The last of the 10: Reason to become a coach number 10 is that you get to be your own boss. You can design a business that fits your lifestyle and needs. You will have to work hard, but you design it, develop it, build it, and operate it as you want!

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  1. Sheila Mae says

    I cannot and will not refute reasons 1 to 10 for becoming a coach. If I were to sit down and think about it – if I still could at this point in time of my life, why not?!!

  2. Drew Co says

    The top reason to become a coach is the ability to change the world one person at a time. What a profound one! I do believe there’s no better one! Two thumbs up!

  3. Maddie says

    Reading through this, i really believe that becoming a coach can be life changing. Great information!

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