How to Become a Strength Coach in Your Own Business in 6 Steps

How to become a strength coach? Seems like a simple question. It has a simple, but not necessarily easy answer.

Fitness Coach
Fitness Coach

Questions About Becoming a Strength Coach

How to become a strength coach? This question should be followed by, “Why should I become a strength coach? And then, “Is becoming a strength coach a good career move?” And, “Do I have the skills and passion to become a strength coach? These are all great questions that need to be answered before you decide to jump into the strength coaching field.

The Field of Strength Coaching

The field of strength and conditioning has exploded over the past decade or so. Everyone wants to get stronger and in shape. Commercials and products are everywhere!  Because people are looking to improve their health and wellness, get in shape, and get stronger, it’s a field that needs top notch professionals.

Strength coaching jobs are found in four principal areas:

  1. Private settings
  2. Schools – high schools and colleges
  3. Professional sports – a great gig if you can get it!
  4. Volunteer or part time positions\

In the private setting, the field is wide open for starting your own business. Becoming an entrepreneur as a strength coach is a difficult path. However, owning your own business brings with it many opportunities for success. Knowing how to become a strength coach in your own business can be the key to personal and financial rewards.

How to Become a Strength Coach in Your Own Business in 6 Steps

Here are the basic steps to becoming a strength coach who owns their own business. You may take a different path or may start at a different starting point, but these steps offer a path to success in a competitive yet lucrative business.

  1. Have a passion for fitness and strength. You really can’t be successful in this business if you don’t walk the walk and talk the talk.
  1. Enroll in a collegiate course of study with an emphasis on fitness and conditioning. You can find them at many colleges, including community colleges. Take classes that deal with all aspects of fitness and strength – nutrition, fitness, physiology, stress management, exercise training, anatomy, first aid, and more.
  1. Take a fitness trainer test to get certified. There are several organizations that offer these – one of the best is ACE.
  1. Take a coaching course. Get accredited as a coach. Your certification as a coach will go a long way toward your reputation in the industry.    A good coaching course will help you learn the principles of coaching and provide you with coaching skills and knowledge that you will need when working with clients.
  1. Learn more about running a business. Yes, learning how to become a strength coach who owns their own business means you have to know how to run a business. Your coaching program should offer a class in running a coaching practice, but you should have a good understanding of basic business operation, accounting, budgeting, and marketing.
  1. Do some part-time and volunteer work first. When you think about how to become a strength

coach, you probably don’t think about volunteering. However, this is a great way to get some     experience and exposure to the field. It’s a great way to practice your coaching skills!

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  1. Ronnel Sta. Clara says

    Preparation is the key to achieving a goal,hence becoming a strength coach requires it- training, education, practice..nothing comes easy.

  2. Clara says

    True…you can’t become a strength coach if you don’t “walk the walk or run the run”. One must learn all the aspects like, nutrition, stress management, sports,etc. before he/she will be a capable coach.

  3. Maddie says

    I always thought that strength coach and fitness coach were the same, here I see that there are a few key differences between the two. Thanks for the tips and information!

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