6 Keys to Selecting Names for Life Coaching Business Success

What are some good names for life coaching business success? If you are in the process of naming your business, it’s wise to take some time to select the ideal name for your coaching practice. There are many possible things you can name your business, but not all of them are good names for life coaching business success.

Become a Life Coach
Become a Life Coach

What’s in a Name for a Life Coaching Business?

Your name is one of the most important components of your business. You name is your brand, your logo, and your image to the public. The name will stay with your for the rest of your career. You will use it on correspondence, on website, when you write articles, on your products such as books and DVDs, and in every interaction with potential clients, existing clients, peers, and the world in general.

6 Keys to Selecting Names for Life Coaching Business Success

The most important rule for choosing names for life coaching businesses is to stand out in a crowd. Don’t select a name that is too plain or ordinary. You want your name to stand out, to be remembered, and to be unique. If you have a completely new business, you can get away with an ordinary or generic name – think General Motors. However, unless you are the General Motors of life coaching, your name must scream out at your target market!

5 More Keys to Choosing the Right Life Coaching Business Name

Other keys to selecting names for life coaching business success include:

  • Don’t use an atlas, or a globe, or a map, or one of the map apps on your smartphone. It’s generally not a good idea to use your geographical location as part of your name. When you are just starting out and only looking for clients in your area it may not be so bad, but when you want to expand your reach and use the power of the Internet, or if you want to start created books and DVDs, you don’t want to be locked in to one specific area on the map.
  • Don’t use cliché names for businesses. Remember Acme Products from the Road Runner cartoons (perhaps you aren’t old enough)? Using a name like Acme, Superior, Best, Peak, or other similar names is probably not in the best interests of your business success.
  • Though they shouldn’t be cliché, names for life coaching business success should be relatively simple. You want to keep it simple so people can remember it, and also to use for your website address. A name like John Doe Life Coaching for Business Success and Prosperity may describe what you do, but it’s too many words for anyone to remember, and too many characters for anyone to type into a URL box.. You may lose business because your names is more than a mouthful!
  • To follow up on the item above, you should always consider your domain name before you select a name for your business.  Though you want it simple, it will be hard to find a domain name with less than seven letters – most of those have already been snapped up by other entrepreneurs. So, somewhere between short and simple, and long and complex, ideally close to the short and simple side, is best.
  • One of the last things to consider before choosing names for life coaching business success is your brand. You want to brand yourself – name, logo, slogan, Your name needs to work into a good brand. This is how people will recognize who you are what you you do, and how good you do it, for the remainder of your coaching career.

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  1. Kara says

    Anyone who’s just starting in any business for that matter, should follow the six steps outlined here. Good advice!

  2. Conan says

    Many times it is the name…make it unique, short and simple, catchy so that a would-be-client would have to try and find out who and what is behind the name.

  3. Sherly says

    Coming up with a name for your business is good but there are certain things one must remember in order for them to achieve a good name.

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