Sam Owen: Relationship Coach Extraordinaire

Sam Owen: Relationship coach, speaker, psychologist, and author, is an expert on relationships and a highly skilled relationship coach. She is frequently sought out by the media to give an expert voice on relationships, both in the workplace and at home. She is based in the United Kingdom, but you can read her book: Relationship Remedies: Relating Better to Yourself and Others. You can also get more information from her Twitter feed and Facebook page, and from her blog at … [Read more...]

Do You Want a Big or Small Business Coaching Salary?

Hey business coaches listen up – do you want a big or a small business coaching salary? How many hands up for “small?” Not many, I imagine. We all want a big salary...right? A very big salary! Of course, income or salary is not the only reason individuals become coaches. In fact, for many it is not the main reason. Helping people reach their goals and dreams is often cited as the number one reason people enter the coaching field. Money Isn't Everything But it Matters However, unless we … [Read more...]

What is Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching?

Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching  is a biblically-grounded approach to coaching which is aimed at providing Christian leaders with the tools needed to help their congregations be better prepared to receive the word of God and find their calling in the name of God. A Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching Certification The process to become certified through Valwood, begins with the course, Introduction to Christian Leadership Coaching. This online course focuses on insights into the … [Read more...]

The Wheel of Life Coaching Tool

Wheel of life coaching is a method of coaching based around the wheel of life. The wheel of life is a great exercise and assessment tool that coaches can use to help their clients create more balance and achieve more goals in their lives. Wheel of life coaching makes this tool a centerpiece of their coaching practice. What is the Wheel of Life? Some people may be familiar with the Buddhist wheel of life, but the coaching wheel of life is different. Buddhism's wheel of life focuses more on … [Read more...]

A Motivational Coach Should be Kicking Butt and Lavishing Praise

Are you a motivational coach? Do you go to one? Do you know one? Whether you already go to one or are thinking of hiring a motivational coach for yourself or your team, you can tell how good they are by how blatantly honest they are with their clients. Motivational coaches should motivate, and to properly motivate they need to kick some ass. If your coach isn't kicking your butt, you might want to find another one. But, they also need to emphasize the positive – loudly and often. Yes – … [Read more...]

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Life Coach?

What qualifications do I need to become a life coach? Are you asking yourself this question? Do you think you have or can get what it takes to become a life coach? Definition of a Life Coach The most basic definition of a life coach is someone who helps you reach a goal or assists you in making an important change in your life. Other definitions include: • Someone who helps you get from Point A to Point B • Someone who motivates, inspires, supports, and holds you accountable for … [Read more...]

Business Coaching Models: How to Choose The Best One

3 Wealth Tips from a Wealth Coach

Are you a wealth coach? If so, listen up to these three important tips you can offer your clients that will help them understand how to get wealth. What Wealth Coaches Don't Do You don't give your clients the latest greatest stock tips, do you? This is definitely not something a wealth coach does. You don't push products in your practice – buy this stock, get in on this super fund, here’s some great property you should buy – do you? If so, you are more of a salesperson than a coach. You … [Read more...]

The 4 Worst Coaching Techniques – What Not to Say

There are many great coaching techniques that help you find outcomes for your clients. As good coaches, you use these great techniques and you work to incorporate more of them into your practice. But, do you ever use any bad coaching techniques? Do you ever say the wrong thing? Good Coach Bad Coach Everyone coach has done something wrong in a session. Even good coaches make bad decisions from time to time. Even good coaches say the wrong thing or implement the wrong strategy on … [Read more...]

Do You Want to be the Ultimate Team Fitness Coach?

What is an ultimate team fitness coach? If you're thinking about ultimate Frisbee, that's not what we're talking about. If you're thinking about Ultimate Team soccer, by EA Sports, this isn't the place for you. However, if you are talking about learning to become the ultimate team fitness coach for any type of team or group of people, you are at the right place. What is Ultimate? Looking at the dictionary, we have two definitions that apply here: 1. Being or happening at the end of a … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Wellness Coach Certification

It’s not the law, so why would you need a wellness coach certification to be a wellness coach? Did you know that you could become a lawyer in some states without going to law school? Yes, you can “read the law” (study the law) and then work as an apprentice on your journey to become a lawyer. But, who becomes a lawyer without going to law school? Yes, Abraham Lincoln did it, but that was a long, long time ago! Future lawyers go to law school so they can study with their peers, receive … [Read more...]