Sam Owen: Relationship Coach Extraordinaire

Sam Owen: Relationship coach, speaker, psychologist, and author, is an expert on relationships and a highly skilled relationship coach. She is frequently sought out by the media to give an expert voice on relationships, both in the workplace and at home.

Relationship Coaching

She is based in the United Kingdom, but you can read her book: Relationship Remedies: Relating Better to Yourself and Others. You can also get more information from her Twitter feed and Facebook page, and from her blog at

What is Relationship Coaching?

You don’t go to Sam Owen, Relationship Coach when you want to improve your health or financial well-being – you seek out her professional services to achieve your relationship goals. You go to experience great relationship coaching.

Relationship coaching works to overcome any obstacles that prevent you from having successful relationships. Relationship coaching helps individuals create powerful and healthy relationships through support, information, and guidance. Coaching helps people achieve goals and get what they want out of life!

Sam Owen uses behavioral psychology, neuropsychology, counseling, and coaching techniques to help individuals achieve their ideal relationships, at home and at work. With her experience and knowledge, Sam Owen, relationship coaching expert can help almost anyone get exactly what they want out of all their relationships.

Sam Owen – Relationship Coach Extraordinaire

Sam Owen began her career as a counselor, but realized that coaching fit her style, and allowed her to work in an outcome-based environment. But her background in counseling helps her achieve more with her clients – she combines psychology, counseling, and coaching skills to get the most out of her clients. She is truly Sam Owen – relationship coach extraordinaire.

What Can Sam Owen Do For You?

This is just a sampling of the treatments she offers for her clients:

  • β€’ Marriage coaching
    β€’ Relationship repair
    β€’ Business relationships
    β€’ Trust issues
    β€’ Relationship anxiety
    β€’ Confidence and self-esteem
    β€’ Divorce issues
    β€’ Depression
    β€’ Life direction
    β€’ Dating

She creates innovative sessions that maximize your potential- most clients achieve their coaching goals in only 4-12 sessions. In fact, her stated mission as a relationship coach is to help her clients achieve their coaching goals in as few sessions as possible. Her sessions help clients make fundamental changes in their relationships – changes that last a lifetime.

Sam Owen, Relationship Coach Anywhere and Everywhere

Yes, Sam is based in the United Kingdom, and if you live near her, you can book face to face sessions. However, if you are in the United States or anywhere that is not the United Kingdom, you can still benefit from Sam’s coaching. Sam Owen offers Skype coaching with unlimited email and telephone support. You will benefit from her coaching techniques, unique insights, and experience – no matter where you are!

So – if you are looking for a relationship coach, take a look at Sam Owen, no matter where you live. Sam Owen can work with you to find ideal outcomes for your relationship issues. She can help you achieve all your relationship goals.

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  1. Lynne says

    Sam Owen sounds like an expert relationship coach that many believe in. Great information. Will definitely share to those looking for a relationship coach.

  2. Katrina says

    You have convinced me. Thanks for the information, will definitely look into what Sam Owen can do and what she offers.

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