What is Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching?

Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching  is a biblically-grounded approach to coaching which is aimed at providing Christian leaders with the tools needed to help their congregations be better prepared to receive the word of God and find their calling in the name of God.

Leadership Coaching

A Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching Certification

The process to become certified through Valwood, begins with the course, Introduction to Christian Leadership Coaching. This online course focuses on insights into the ways to use coaching in your work. Once this course is completed, there are several additional steps required to meet the certification requirements.

Requirements For a Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching Certification

  • • Foundations of Christian Leadership Coaching – a three-day course.
    • Establish a Dynamic Coaching Relationship – another three day course. These first two courses can be completed in a week, or can be done in separate weeks.
    • Participate in six mentoring sessions from a professional coaching instructor – usually done on the telephone.
    • Participate in three classes on skill enhancement and group coaching – usually done via phone.
    • Coach individuals or a congregation while receiving the professional mentoring sessions.
    • To keep the certification up to date – participate in continuing education requirements to learn new skills and techniques.

What Does a Christian Leadership Coach Do?

A Christian leadership coach helps their clients or congregation find spiritual happiness in the modern world. They offer spiritual leadership in a secular age – assisting fellow Christians work with their faith to help themselves and to help others.

A Christian leader can help individuals or groups find a proper balance between faith and the modern world by asking questions, framed by faith, and helping people find their own solutions. They can ask:

  • • What do you want to achieve?
    • How can you get what you want?
    • How willing and able are you to commit to achieving your dreams and goals?
    • How will you measure success

Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching can help faith-based leaders lean the skills need to guide, motivate, inspire, and teach others to find happiness and fulfillment within the parameters of their faith. A Valwood Christian leadership coach will learn the skills and techniques needed to become a leader.

Coaching – Where Now, Where To…

All coaching focuses on where individuals are now, and where they want to go. The where, the why, and the how, are important in all coaching specialties. Where do you want to go? Why do you want to go there? How is the best way to get there? Christian coaching concentrates on the same question, but uses the framework of faith to facilitate both questions and answers.

Christian leadership coaching helps Christian leaders learn how to formulate the right questions that will guide clients to develop the right solutions, all within the teachings of Christianity. It’s life and career coaching with a Christian tilt, and can be used with both individuals and groups. All Christian leaders should seriously consider the potential value of a Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching certification.

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  1. Karen says

    I am really happy that Life coaching is used within the parameters of one’s faith, specifically in Christianity. In our modern world, our faith more often takes a backseat because of so many distractions. It takes a good coach/leader to inspire others to success and happiness within the values of the Christian faith.

  2. Angelica says

    A very informative piece on Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching Certification. Christian leaders should look into it. I would recommend this course – it would really help so many become effective leaders.

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