Be One of Your Own Coaching Success Stories: The Power of Rituals

Did you ever realize that you are one of your own coaching success stories?  I sometimes think about this when I am sharing what I do with someone who is just starting out their coaching career, making a career transition, or is a mom.  But recently I realized that a big part of my own success is due to a habit.  Before coaching, I get myself into a “peak performance state.”  I never really thought about it becoming the source for coaching success stories, until a recent 10-day vacation. When … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Lessons From The County Fair: The Power of Peers

Life coaching should be fun and exciting, just like the county fair.  In addition to a lot of great attractions and exhibits, there are a lot of interesting people to watch at the fair.  From the moment you enter the mammoth lines to get into the fairgrounds, you become part of the crowd.  I don’t know how else to explain it, but this crowd becomes part of your new peer group. Not Your Usual Life Coaching Peer Group Only at the fair can you buy a huge turkey drumstick and walk around eating it … [Read more...]

Coaching for Success: Don’t Let Your Client Dither

Most people struggle with decision making at least occasionally.  But for many, actually committing to a choice -- speaking up or keeping quiet, the office in the newer building or the one with more square footage, signing up for coaching or not -- is extremely challenging, threatening, or anxiety provoking.  For them, the wasted time and energy of indecision probably makes career and business success elusive, and significance and achievement seemingly unattainable.  Those people may come to you … [Read more...]

Best Coaching Practices–The Silent Treatment

Some of the best coaching practices come from the realms of  hypnosis, NLP, or other disciplines, and are routinely taught when you go through a coaching training.  Others are more of an art, either a talent you’re born with, or one which grows along with your coaching experience and your ability to connect with your client.  Silence, and it’s effective use, is definitely an art.  Even if you are taught in coaches training that silence is useful, it can be a challenge to get past the negative … [Read more...]

What is a Life Coach?

Simple question, what is a Life Coach, but oh so many possible answers. The most basic answer is that a Life Coach is someone who helps people produce the change, progress or result they are after To condense it down to essentials: Life Coaching equals results. But how? Exactly what is a Life Coach? Are all Life Coaches the same in the way they approach their clients, or in how they produce results? Of course not. Every Coach is an individual, with an individual behavioral style and relationship … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Tips: Re-Establishing Rapport When You Screw it Up

Life coaching tips are not effective if they are not heard by your coaching clients. You will fail to make a difference in the life of your client by minding your manners. The best tips will fall to the ground. Why?  Freud himself said that you need to use intensity to be effective. Your coaching clients don’t need another conversation; they need life change and transformation. But how do you regain rapport if you go too far? Life Coaching Tips: Being Proper and Professional Will Not Get You … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Tips: Tough Love

  There are many life coaching tips on how to establish rapport with your clients.  And by all means, it is a very important skill.  But should you ever intentionally break rapport?  Is there a right way to do it?  What if your client stops liking you and decides to quit?  It all comes down to how committed you are to your coaching client and getting the results they want. Life Coaching Tips:  How to Break Rapport Without Loosing Your Client The most important life coaching tips to … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Pitfalls: The Tyranny of Template Coaching

Most life coaching programs teach the template method. Especially hypnosis and NLP coaching programs. It’s actually a good place to start, but there is another level. In the book, “Clinical Reasoning”, Mark Jones describes the differences between the novice and the expert clinician. The novice tends to relay more heavily on templates, and the expert is able to use their experience to recognize patterns and get results much more quickly. Just as it’s said there are no new stories in literature, … [Read more...]

Relationship Coach Mysteries Solved: What Men Want

One of the greatest relationship coach mysteries is understanding what the other person wants.  The key is to help your clients realize what they want most is not necessarily what their partner wants.  Most relationship problems can be transformed by solving this mystery alone. Where A Relationship Coach Is Needed Most According to Helen Andelin, author of “Fascinating Womanhood,” women appreciate poise, talent and intellectual wit (  They dress in a sophisticated … [Read more...]

What A Career Coach Does: Part IV – Recommending a Career Strategy

This is the culmination of the first part of the Career Coaching process, where you analyze your client’s career path or strategy.  This is the meeting when you make your recommendations on career path and strategy to your client.  All the discussions you have been having, all the questions you asked and clarifications you got throughout this whole career exploration process so far, were the seeds of the conclusions you are going to share with your client.  You have been collecting data, … [Read more...]