Life Coaching Tips: Tough Love


There are many life coaching tips on how to establish rapport with your clients.  And by all means, it is a very important skill.  But should you ever intentionally break rapport?  Is there a right way to do it?  What if your client stops liking you and decides to quit?  It all comes down to how committed you are to your coaching client and getting the results they want.

Life Coaching Tips:  How to Break Rapport Without Loosing Your Client

The most important life coaching tips to breaking rapport with your client is to pre-frame your sessions by letting your clients that you are willing to be there for them and what they want to achieve in their life.  No one else will do that for them.  There is an unspoken agreement between most friends, lovers, and families that says, “We will make sure you stay safe by not allowing you to fly too high.”


An Effective Life Coach Must Not Care

To be truly effective, a life coach must not be attached to the coaching relationship.  If you need your clients for any reason, you will not be able to serve them to the highest degree.  If you need them to continue because they help pay the bills, you will bind your own hands in what you are able to accomplish.  You are better off working in a fast food chain to support yourself than to be attached to a coaching client for personal gain.

The other life coaching tips for effectively breaking rapport are to come from a position of total love, caring, and dedication to your client.  You must be completely detached of their progress, then give 110%.  Your best coaching, strategy and other tips.  Don’t leave anything unsaid, because it is really up to you.  Becoming a life coach who is willing to risk their own needs getting met to serve someone else is truly priceless in today’s world of political correctness.

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