Life Coaching Tips: Re-Establishing Rapport When You Screw it Up

Life coaching tips are not effective if they are not heard by your coaching clients. You will fail to make a difference in the life of your client by minding your manners. The best tips will fall to the ground. Why?  Freud himself said that you need to use intensity to be effective. Your coaching clients don’t need another conversation; they need life change and transformation. But how do you regain rapport if you go too far?

Life Coaching Tips: Being Proper and Professional Will Not Get You Clients

This is one of the most dangerous coaching myths. Unless you happen to have some clients who are extremely lonely and just need a friend, your clients pay you to get results. Getting results for your clients is the only way to get more clients. If you get results for your clients, even if they don’t “like” what you say, they will respect if not love you for it. I used to abruptly but politely hang up on my own mentor when I didn’t like what she said to me. We laugh about it now, because I got results and she never took it personally.

What If You Go Too Far and Your Client Gets Mad?

The best life coaching tips are to realize that when people get angry, they usually are responding to a loss of a need for significance. You can always “backpedal” and give your client some significance if you need to. Saying something like, “I know that’s not you. It’s just how you’re showing up right now,” has gotten me out of trouble a few times. Coming from a position of absolute love, caring and respect for your client will help you regain rapport quickly. If you really don’t respect your client it will be tough to make a come back.

Recently I was at an event where several of clients publicly acknowledged me for the audacity I had to say some things that sounded quite terrible out of context. It was quite obvious it was those key phrases that had made a lasting impact on their lives. By risking it all, everyone won.

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Colette Seymann

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