Selfishness Versus Generosity in Coaching

Today I’m going to admit something about my coaching. Something that I’ve never told anyone in my entire 22 years in the coaching industry. Coaching is a caring profession. Most coaches are willing to give up their time, energy, and money… …to change someone else’s life for the better. Despite that, some of Master Coach University’s most advanced students act pretty selfish: ComplainingGriping about petty grievancesPassing judgment on clients and fellow students Does it seem … [Read more...]

Coaching For Success: A Tip From A Punk Cabaret Concert

I learned an important lesson about coaching for success when I went to a Dresdon Dolls concert last week with my aunt. My aunt has recently had some success writing articles about concerts, and I went along to be supportive. And aside from coaching, my life these days has become a little routine. Little did I know, I was about to experience something that would impact my view of how to live. More Than A Concert I have watched people perform, but rarely except at Olympic events have I seen … [Read more...]

Coaching For Success Using A Three-Pronged Approach

If you are a coach, coaching for success is your ultimate goal. It doesn't matter whether it's success in business, relationships, or health, what you and your client want is success, however your client defines that. So what does it take to get success, to reach goals? What do you provide as a coach that your client can't provide for himself? What Does Success Look Like? Before you can know whether or not you've achieved success, you have to have a clear picture of the end point you want. … [Read more...]

Coaching For Success: A Tip From Harry Potter

If you’ve read any of the Harry Potter books, you’ll know Harry has many resources for coaching for success. He has teachers, his godfather, and lots of magical sources. He also has an exceptional peer group, and that makes all the difference for him. It can make all the difference for your clients as well–not just in how successful they become, but in how successful they stay. Coaching for success can be helped or hindered by your client’s peer group In terms of a client’s results, peer group … [Read more...]

Coaching for Success: Don’t Let Your Client Dither

Most people struggle with decision making at least occasionally.  But for many, actually committing to a choice -- speaking up or keeping quiet, the office in the newer building or the one with more square footage, signing up for coaching or not -- is extremely challenging, threatening, or anxiety provoking.  For them, the wasted time and energy of indecision probably makes career and business success elusive, and significance and achievement seemingly unattainable.  Those people may come to you … [Read more...]

Coaching for Success: Navigating Through Obstacles

When you’re coaching for success, your clients are bound to encounter obstacles.  How do you guide them to success?  They key to effective coaching is to realize one of the greatest threats to success is L.O.D.I., a term coined by a certain guru.  It is the Law of Diminishing Intent.  Simply stated it means that a goal is most powerful when it is created.  Our intention to achieve it is strongest at that time, but gradually decreases over time.  How can you navigate through this obstacle when … [Read more...]

Success Coaching Secrets to Time Management: Coaching for Success in the Four Modes of Business

Coaching for success in business is often over-simplified.  There are four different modes of business development and each one requires specific success coaching strategies for time management.  Helping your success coaching clients identify where they are will allow them to focus their energy on what matters most. Coaching for Success: Helping Clients in the Start Up Mode Success Coaching Strategy for the Start Up Mode:  Coaching for success in this mode means that your client must take … [Read more...]

Success Coaching Essentials: Coaching for Success Without Walls

Even coaches who are coaching for success have limiting beliefs. It’s universal. And that’s the very reason we all need success coaching. The most common limiting belief people have is that they are unworthy or unloved. And let’s face it; some people are better than others at hiding it. We see these limiting beliefs being played out in our success coaching superstars and our success coaching ‘dropouts’. But coaching for success needs to address your clients’ core beliefs they can ever get the … [Read more...]

Coaching for Success in 2010: The Success Coaching Recipe for Your Most Successful Year Ever

Coaching For Success in 2010 .What if coaching for success was as easy as a five step recipe?  Lives would transform, testimonials would fly in, and your success coaching practice would be full.  Coaching for success can be fun and simple.  And while a five step program seems too simple, it’s getting people to implement the system that will be your challenge as a success coach. Follow These Five Steps to Help Your Success Coaching Clients Achieve More Success Coaching Step 1:  Have your … [Read more...]