All Coaching is Personal Growth Coaching

Whether you are a life coach, a career coach, a business coach, a wellness coach, or any other type of coach, you are really in the personal growth coaching business. If you help people in any aspect of their lives – wealth, health, business, relationships, career – you are actually serving as a personal growth coach. Personal Growth is the Backbone of all Coaching Whatever your specialty or nice in the coaching world, you are there to help clients find joy, purpose, achievement, balance, … [Read more...]

Life Coaches are Coaching Performance and Success

If someone mentioned coaching performance and success, you would usually think of athletic coaches or business coaches. Athletic coaches works towards individual and team performance so they can achieve team success; business coaches work with managers to elevate employee performance so team (company) success can be attained. But coaching performance and success isn't just for sports and business coaches – it is also for life coaches. A Life Coach is a Performance Coach A … [Read more...]

5 Must-Have Life Coach Books

Life coach books are a good way for life coaches to supplement their education. It's cheap, it's convenient, and many of these books are packed with valuable information. Successful Life Coaches Never Stop Learning A successful life coach never stops learning – they realize that the coaching industry is always evolving. There is always something new to learn! Every good life coach includes life coach books in their continuing education. Along with seminars, workshops, webinars, … [Read more...]

What is a Personal Coach?

What is a personal coach, you ask? What can he or she do for you? If I answer your inquiry now, Will you know what next to do? About Personal Coaching There are articles, blogs, and plenty of web content on the Internet that will answer the question, “What is a personal coach.” So, when asked to write about what is a personal coach and what do they do, I figured why join the chorus of the routine and the mundane – why not write a poem about it. So – here goes – the rest of the … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Professional Life Coaching Myths

Even though life coaching is hot right now, it would be wise to read these top 10 professional life coaching myths before you jump on the bandwagon. Whether you are seeking to hire a life coach, or have a desire to become one, these top 10 professional life coaching myths should be required reading before you make your decision. The Top Professional Life Coaching Myth This one should be at the top of any top 10 list of life coaching myths: Al life coaches are basically the same. Like … [Read more...]

What is Life Coaching About?

What is life coaching about? If you don't know about life coaching, you just might be missing out on something that can help you reach your goals and dreams. You just might be missing out on one of the most powerful processes modifying human behavior. Life Coaching Helps With 3 Crucial Statements The life coaching process is beneficial for people who are categorized by three crucial statements. These statements are: • I don't know what I want. • I know what I want, but I don't know … [Read more...]

Life Coaching VS The World

After you begin your career in life coaching, you might be asked a common question by those who are unfamiliar with the valuable services that you can provide. Potential coaching clients might ask you this question. People interested in becoming a life coach might ask you this question. Just about anyone who is interested in any aspect of the life coaching profession might ask you this question. This question can vary a bit, but it always starts something like this: "What's the difference … [Read more...]

The Wheel of Life Coaching Tool

Wheel of life coaching is a method of coaching based around the wheel of life. The wheel of life is a great exercise and assessment tool that coaches can use to help their clients create more balance and achieve more goals in their lives. Wheel of life coaching makes this tool a centerpiece of their coaching practice. What is the Wheel of Life? Some people may be familiar with the Buddhist wheel of life, but the coaching wheel of life is different. Buddhism's wheel of life focuses more on … [Read more...]

A Motivational Coach Should be Kicking Butt and Lavishing Praise

Are you a motivational coach? Do you go to one? Do you know one? Whether you already go to one or are thinking of hiring a motivational coach for yourself or your team, you can tell how good they are by how blatantly honest they are with their clients. Motivational coaches should motivate, and to properly motivate they need to kick some ass. If your coach isn't kicking your butt, you might want to find another one. But, they also need to emphasize the positive – loudly and often. Yes – … [Read more...]