Volunteer Life Coaching Opportunities Will Make You a Better Coach

Volunteer life coaching opportunities are everywhere and offer a great way to contribute. One of the best ways to hone your skills, give back to the community, and network with others in your area is to offer your life coaching services as a volunteer. Why Volunteer as a Coach? Here are a few of the reasons that life coaches seek out volunteer life coaching opportunities: Give back to the community Help others who may lack the resources to get quality life coaching Volunteering … [Read more...]

What is Unity Life Coaching?

Unity Life Coaching is all about free and freedom. It’s about freedom and freedom to. Unity is the life coaching practice for Carolyn Claiborne, an ordained Unity minister and spiritual life and personal development coach.   Unity Life Coaching is About Freedom Freedom From: Guilt Worry Fear Intolerance Freedom to: Be who you want to be Do what you want to do Have what you want to have Recreate yourself Live your dreams Take Flying Lessons With … [Read more...]

Fifty Life Coaching Exercises eBook: A Great Resource For Your Coaching Toolkit

What is Life Coaching Worth?

What is life coaching worth? Or, what is my life coaching worth? This is a question often asked when coaches are starting out, and sometimes asked as those coaches gain more experience and build a reputation.   Life Coaching is High End Life coaching is a highly-personalized service that requires patience, skill, knowledge, and talent. It should be highly valued. It’s professional and in demand – coaches should be able to charge high fees for such a prized service. Life Coaching … [Read more...]

What is Velocity Life Coaching?

Velocity Life Coaching is a coaching practice based out of Chandler, Arizona. It is owned by Marty McIntire and has been in business since January, 2012. Corporate registration was filed in February of 2013 with the state of Arizona. The last update was in 2014, but I do not see any notes on dissolution or termination. What Does Velocity Life Coaching Do? Velocity is a life coaching practice that covers relationships, marriage, transition, and career. Marty is a Christian and has a … [Read more...]

Nice Life Coaching is Ineffective Life Coaching

What’s nice life coaching? Is it a life coach who is nice? Is it a life coach who helps to create nice lives for their clients? Is it a life coach who does a nice job? Have a Nice Life When someone says “have a nice life” it is often meant as an insult. It is a sarcastic remark which often means just the opposite. When someone breaks up with a partner, the partner might sarcastically remark” have a nice life.” In reality, they really are wishing them ill! Are You a Nice Life Coach Who … [Read more...]

Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Positive Psychology

Coaching and positive psychology ate a perfect fit – they both focus on optimal functioning and human happiness. Now, we can add emotional intelligence into the mix and get a potent combination for coaching success. What is Positive Psychology? In the late 1990s, psychologists began to wonder if there was a new way of approaching the pursuit of well-being and happiness. A new form of psychology emerged that focused, not on mental illness and disorders, but on strengths, talents, and … [Read more...]

Why Coaching Soft Skills to Your Clients is Important to Their Overall Success

NLP Life Coaching – An Overview

Introduction NLP Life Coaching is a radical approach to induce desired behavioral change using the relationship between the patterns of thought, emotions and patterns of behavior of people. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is a science based on human behavior and the underlying sub-conscious programs. NLP principles rest on the belief that individuals have immense mental power that remains dormant in their subconscious minds and that power can be unleashed by NLP trained … [Read more...]

What is One Vision Life Coaching?

One Vision Life Coaching is a business and life coaching company located in Eastleigh, United Kingdom. It is owned by Garry Lane, and provides services for people in the Southampton and Hampshire areas. If you live in the area, and are considering the services of a life or business coach, take a look at Garry Lane and his life and business coaching practice. Who is Garry Lane? Garry Lane, owner of One Vision Life Coaching, has been an HR manager with experience working for a blue chip … [Read more...]

The Best Life Coach Articles

This post will introduce you to some the best life coach articles on the Internet. Though there is plenty of junk online, there is also plenty of valuable information – information that can give you new ideas, stimulate you to try something new, educate you on a new trend in the life coaching industry, or provide you with data that can validate what you have already done with clients. Some of the Best Life Coach Articles Here are a few selected articles that should be worth a read. As most … [Read more...]

What is Romans 15 Life Coaching?

What is Romans 15 Life Coaching? It is a life coaching ministry at Fair Oaks Church, and it's a bit difficult to figure out who is behind it and how to work with it. It's kind of a mystery – so not sure how much business they want since they make it difficult to find out the particulars on Romans 15 Life Coaching. But, it’s easy to find online, and there is a good deal of information on the webpage and on various blogs in the archives. However, one of the links to a different page was bad, … [Read more...]