Life Coaching Success Stories: Why Some People Procrastinate and How Success Coaching Can Help Create Real Excitement in Their Lives

It’s common knowledge that procrastination is one of the greatest obstacles to success. Yesterday, I had a great life success coaching session with someone who was the king of procrastination. As a result of a previous life coaching session, I believed his lack of commitment was holding him back from achieving seemingly reasonable goals. But what I found out was that he was much more committed to something else than to his stated life coaching goals. How Did the Life Coaching Session … [Read more...]

Life Balance Coaching: Taking Your Life Coaching Skills To The Next Level

The main difference between life coaching and life balance coaching is boundaries. In life coaching, we see the possibilities as limitless, without boundaries. However, in life balance coaching, it is necessary to find places to implement some boundaries. Otherwise, what started out as a nice little ride to success can turn into a train wreck. Use Life Balance Coaching to Reach Your Clients in New Ways What does a life without boundaries look like to a life balance coaching client? They may … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Skills You Can Use to Become a Motivational Coach: Helping People Who Are ‘Stuck’

Any motivational coach will tell you that the most commonly perceived problem their clients face is being ‘stuck’. And in life coaching circles, coaches often ask what’s the best way to get people ‘unstuck’. Few people are naturally positive, so most of us depend on life coaching routines to get us into a great state of mind. As a motivational coach you can teach these skills to your clients. Beyond that, there are 3 things you need to know to help your clients get back on track: A Good … [Read more...]