Does a Wellness Health Coach Need to be Healthy and Well?

Does a wellness health coach need to be healthy and well? This might seem like a strange question – along the lines of -Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb? But, it is an important question to think about before you jump into the health and wellness coaching field.

Coaches Should be Role Models

Charles Barkley, outspoken former NBA star, once famously quipped, “I’m not a role model.” Perhaps he is right and our society shouldn’t look to professional athletes as role models, but if you are going to hire a coach to help improve some aspect of your life, you will probably look to them for some examples of how to achieve your goals. They should serve as a role model!

Should a wealth coach be wealthy? A wealth coach living in a studio apartments, while collecting food stamps and piling up credit card debt is probably not a wealth coach you want to pay for coaching.

Should a life coach have a good life? A life coach living a disorganized, unhappy existence, always on the verge of an emotional outburst, struggling to make ends meet, is probably not a life coach who will make much money in the field.

Yes – coaches should be role models and they should embody what they try to coach. Yes, a wellness health coach should be healthy and well!

What is a Wellness Health Coach and Why Do We Need Them?

Here’s a fun fitness fact for you: Over 69 percent of American adults twenty years of age and over are overweight. That’s just not healthy. Or well!

A wellness health coach can provide clients with the inspiration, motivation, and tools needed to achieve their health and wellness goals. They can help them find the right solutions to:

  • Lose weight
  • Eat healthier
  • Quit smoking
  • Quit alcohol and drugs
  • Start and maintain an exercise program
  • Identify wellness goals
  • Provide motivation to achieve these goals
  • Modify behavior that lead to unhealthy choices
  • Reduce stress and develop ways to introduce stress management into their lives
  • Overcome obstacles that prevent them from reaching their goals

Why You Should Become a Wellness Health Coach

Health care costs are high and they can be an extreme financial burden as we age. But consider this: the majority of health costs are related to preventable disease. So, if people want to protect their money and their health, they need relevant information and the skills needed to stay healthy. Wellness health coaches can help people find the answers they want and need concerning diet, exercise, disease prevention, and healthy living.

The Aging Baby Boomers are a Big Market!

The baby boomers are aging, but they want to stay active and healthy. They are an extraordinarily large target market; the health and wellness market is exploding and the trend will continue for many years. As a wellness health coach, your services and expertise will be in high demand.

Do you want a career where healthy living is expected?

Do you want a career where you can help people achieve their wellness goals and dreams?

Do you want a career which keeps you in touch with all the latest developments in the wellness field?

Do you want a career where you can make a great living?

Becoming a wellness health coach is one of the best ways to fulfill your own personal and professional goals while you help others achieve theirs. What more could you want out of a career?

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