What is Vision Executive Coaching LLC?

Vision Executive Coaching appears to be the name of at least two different companies. One is located in Boulder, Colorado, and the other is located in the greater New York City area. I will focus on the one in New York for this article. Who is Gerry Valentine? Gerry is a public speaker, writer, and executive coach. He has built his career with top companies like American Express (Director of Relationship Marketing) and Pfizer (Director of Technology Strategy and Business Technology). … [Read more...]

Why Executive Coaching Courses and Certification are Essential

It may seem obvious to some that if you want to become an executive coach, you will need to take a wide range of executive coaching courses. Some potential coaches may look at the fact that there are no legal requirements to have any training or hold a certification and believe it’s easy to get into the field. However, don’t let the lack of regulations and laws fool you into believing that completing an executive coaching program and earning a certification is not necessary to succeeding as an … [Read more...]

The Top Five Books That Are as Good as Executive Coaching Courses

Executive coaching courses are part of a executive coaching curriculum in any accredited coaching program. Even after earning a coaching certification, continuing education is essential for each and every coach. However, you do not always need to go back to school to further your education – sometimes you can just open a book, or turn on your e-reader. Executive Coaching Courses in the Palm of Your Hand There are plenty of great books on coaching – principles, theories, techniques, and … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching Courses: Become a coach Who Can Read People Like a Book

The Executive Coaching Courses Don't Help You Become a Coach in The Boardroom What are the things you want to look for in executive coaching courses? What tools do you need to get from executive coaching courses? That's a good question, because coaching skills don't come from executive coaching courses.  What type of certification will help you get inside the doors of a firm once you have the skills to become a coach?  Here's a simple answer... NOTHING will get you into an organization that … [Read more...]