What is Vision Executive Coaching LLC?

Vision Executive Coaching appears to be the name of at least two different companies. One is located in Boulder, Colorado, and the other is located in the greater New York City area. I will focus on the one in New York for this article.

Vision Executive Coaching LLC
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Who is Gerry Valentine?

Gerry is a public speaker, writer, and executive coach. He has built his career with top companies like American Express (Director of Relationship Marketing) and Pfizer (Director of Technology Strategy and Business Technology). Today, he advises entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and entire companies. He has also taught executive leadership at the Colorado State School of Professional Studies.

Gerry has over 30 years of business experience, a BS from Cornell University and an MBA from NYU. He can help clients build businesses that change their lives, and may even change the world!

What is Vision Executive Coaching LLC?

Vision Executive Coaching specializes in working with executives, entrepreneurs, and other highly motivated business leaders. Gerry Valentine is the man behind Vision – the man who helps individuals unlock their true potential and achieving incredible and amazing things!

Vision works with companies of all sizes – from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations. They help develop leadership and business skills while working with goal setting, strategic planning, team training, and innovation facilitation.

According to filed documents, Vision Executive Coaching LLC is incorporated in the state of New York and has an address in New Paltz, NY. It has been in business since 2011, though its initial New York Department of State filing as an LLC is listed as November, 2016.

Why Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching can help to improve the performance of individuals from the top to the bottom. By enhancing the leadership skills of those at the top, the improvement is filtered down and performance is positively influenced – it’s a kinetic chain of energy and improvement.

Gerry valentine and Vision Executive Coaching, LLC offers clients the opportunity to turn adversity into advantage (his motto!). executive coaching works, and Gerry is one of the best!

A report by the International Coach Federation (ICF) found that the effectiveness of executive coaching can be measured by certain internal and external assessments. According to the American Management Association, organizations that use the services of a coach reported stronger market performance. Another survey, done by ProcewaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Center determined that the mean Return on Investment (ROI) for organizations was at least seven times that of the initial investment in coaching.

Surveys have also shown that the main reason that companies use coaches has changed over the past decade or so. A decade ago, most organizations hired a coach to help fix toxic behavior or attitudes at the top or in the middle. Today, most organizations invest in coaching to develop the capabilities and explore the potential of their high-potential executives and employees.

This is what Gerry Valentine and Vision Executive Coaching, LLC is all about. Not only can he help fix toxic attitudes, he can also develop leaders and enhance performance from the top down.

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