Executive Coaching Courses: Become a coach Who Can Read People Like a Book

The Executive Coaching Courses Don’t Help You Become a Coach in The Boardroom

What are the things you want to look for in executive coaching courses? What tools do you need to get from executive coaching courses? That’s a good question, because coaching skills don’t come from executive coaching courses.  What type of certification will help you get inside the doors of a firm once you have the skills to become a coach?  Here’s a simple answer… NOTHING will get you into an organization that doesn’t want to talk to you… that’s why those coaching skills are so important.

One important tool you want to acquire from executive coaching courses is certification in assessments (and, of course you need the assessments themselves). In fact, it’s one certification that you will need to become a coach for executives in a company setting. In addition to the actual certification process, you will want to have experience coaching others; preferably coaching people who will give you honest feedback about your performance so you can make adjustments.  If you understand the assessments, but you don’t become a coach who has the executive coaching skills, then the ability to read the assessments will fall flat.

When You Become a Coach, You Are The Solution: No Assessment or Executive Coaching Courses Can Replace That

Assessments are not a solution, they are just a tool. But you can become a coach who can uses the assessments to help increase productivity within a company by offering training to management regarding the profile results of their employees. Often you can improve productively by 10-20% or more. What executive wouldn’t value that? You might decide to become a coach who offers executive coaching courses to managers to help them become more effective leaders.

Assessments are also a great tool for recruiting. You can become a coach who can run assessments on a company’s current employees to see what is working for them, and also show them existing data that shows the best fit profile for various job descriptions. Then you can run assessments on their top candidates, to confirm whether their gut feeling about someone is correct. Hiring the wrong person is very costly, and in this economy a hiring decision can make or break a small company.

The Key Skill to Become a Coach That Turns Companies Around: Beyond Executive Coaching Courses

The key here is to really understand how to read assessments and explain the results to others. With that type of knowledge, you can become a coach who can help turn a company around.

And once you can gain these skills from executive coaching courses, you will be able to use these to market to companies. Your complimentary session will include an assessment debrief, and you will gain instant credibility because you will be able to see their strengths and weakness perhaps even better than their closest friends and families. Show him how he can use the same information to improve productivity and motivation; and you’ve got a new client.

But what you need most from executive coaching courses is practical knowledge and skills in an environment that provides accountability, support, and opportunities to practice your new skills. The key is to do your homework first before you sign up.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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